Thrifting in Virginia Beach

Whether you are new to Virginia Beach or live here but are new to thrifting, here is a guide of thrift stores in the area*:

DAV Thrift
quickly becoming my favorite thrift store
VA Beach Blvd
Benefits: Disabled American Veterans
Small sized store but usually jam packed with inventory
15th of each month is Military Discount Day
Has a boutique rack of nice clothing and up to 6XL men’s clothing
Competitively priced toys and games
Large selection of electronics.
Very cheap kitchen wares (mugs, glasses, etc)
Very helpful staff

Salvation Army
VA Beach Blvd
Tuesday 25% off military and
Wednesday is 50% off all clothes
Friday 25% off furniture
One FREE children’s book per child per visit
Competitively priced, and “surprise” tag sales everyday usually 50% off a certain color price tag
Will price items at the register, and sometimes negotiate
Friendly staff 

Second Chance Thrift
Benefits: Virginia Beach SPCA
10% military every day, slow to mark down
Large pets section featuring (depending on the day): leashes, cages, aquariums, books on animals, drinking bowls, etc
LARGE VHS section
Lots of Golf clubs
Very nice displays, seasonal décor changes
Staff are helpful, friendly, consistent

CHKD Thrift Store
Several Locations I like the Shore Dr and Pleasure House location
20% off Military Mondays
25% off Tuesdays with coupon code on your phone
Prices consistent with Goodwill
Mostly clothing
Good selection of toys and games
Competitively priced kitchen wares
Good prices on denim
Staff inconsistent (always advertising “Now Hiring”)

Thrift Store USA
Little Creek Rd Norfolk
Benefits: Seton Youth Shelters
Prices start out $$, but they mark-down quickly to $ to move inventory
20% off military Thursdays and consistent markdowns
HUGE store, HUGE inventory of everything
Vintage and handmade clothing rack
Small toy section
Nice book section
Strict on policies (such as one credit card per transaction, no pricing at the registers see my post on this here)
Cashiers nice and helpful

Family Thrift Center
No Discount Days, but consistently mark down
Large toys, games, kids section
A little bit of everything
“Boutique” counter section with overpriced items
Usually a few aquariums
Large small appliance section
Staff is generally friendly, but isles are small

Habitat General Store
Holland Rd
usually empty of other shoppers (I think it has a terrible name, and no one knows its a thrift store)
Mostly tools, home building supplies, large appliances
Some clothing
small section of "everything else"
worth stopping in now and again
friendly staff

There are many other thrift stores around, including several Goodwills

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  1. I appreciate this info. I've been to Virginia Beach a few times, but have never thrifted there. Now I can add this to my to do list. I'm a couple of hours south of VA Beach in NC.