Monday, October 3, 2016

The Liquidation

The big liquidation sale is over. I sold hundreds of items and the space really started to clear out.

Overall clothing did not sell well. Knick knacks, kitchen and Christmas sold really well, most of it for $.25 a piece. The bigger and or more expensive pieces I have listed (and some sold) on Craigslist.

Here's an overview in photos:
Sold these gorgeous Soda Fountain pumps on CL
for $100, a $50 profit.

Sold the 5 trays I had left for $80
a good deal for the buyer and myself - as I got them out of the trash.

Lots of ephemera and crafting supplies sold - most for $.25

Shoes - sold for $2-$3

Has not sold:(

Dollhouse sold for $5 - found it in the trash,
lots of fashion jewelry sold too!

These shelves were nearly cleared out after the first day, Christmas sold VERY well.

Clothing did sell but not at the rate I would have liked.
This gorgeous mirror is on CL with a $100 price tag.
I have a Salvation Army pickup scheduled for the leftovers. I have some furniture still listed on CL. I will list the shelves and clothing racks soon.
I have about 200 listings still on eBay, mostly flatware and a few paintings and expensive winter coats, which I hope to sell this fall and can easily store at home.
Overall it was a busy few days! I was happy to finally meet Ree Cee and she bought some great items, which I should have photographed. I met lots of fellow eBay sellers and it was a real pleasure talking shop with them all!

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  1. O M G - it was so awesome to meet you in person! ! ! And thank you so much for giving me such GREAT DEALS on everything! You really had some wonderful things and I'm surprised your "store" wasn't totally bare by the time I finally got there (I spent way too much time at one huge yard sale). I still managed to find some very nice things to keep and some to resell. I shudder to think what I missed out on! It was great talking shop - I didn't want to monopolize your time - but I could have talked all afternoon!! I'm glad you found a home for those soda fountain pumps. They are one of the neatest vintage things I've ever seen.