Monday, August 29, 2016

The Art of Yard Sale Signage

This blog is coming to an end soon, as my eBay business does as well. The past couple months have just been treading water with eBay trying to sell as much as possible.

In three weeks I'll be having my final blowout Garage/Estate sale at the office/warehouse. Local readers please come out! I've been pulling everything out of boxes and setting it up like at an estate sale. I also made signs today.

I get pretty annoyed going yard saling and finding poor signage along the way which is why I am writing today's post. Who better to speak on the effectiveness of yard sale signs than resellers, scavengers, pickers and the like who professionally patronize these events? What do you as an eBayer look for when following a sign?

Last move I was this person, trying not to this time!

If you live in a suburban or heavily populated area, you may see many of these every weekend:

Then the same sign again, the next weekend...

and then again, the next weekend.

At some point you stop following these signs. You've been down the road of one too many non-existent yard sales to fall for this again.

So, if you're having a yard sale - let people know that it's going on, RIGHT NOW, TODAY, and that it's AWESOME.

Here's how:

Saturday 4/14
123 Main St.

Saturday 4/14
123 Main St.
Rain or Shine

Saturday 4/14
123 Main St.
Lawn Mover, Generator, Plants

An actual date is a must. NO "Todays"
Put a beginning and end time. At 1pm I will not follow a yard sale sign but if it says "til 2" I might.
Address or clear arrows leading from the sign to your sale.
If you have room, list a few larger items you're selling.
Write it all out in a LARGE font.

Cheaper is better! A piece of cardboard with ALL the pertinent info on it is much more effective than a store bought arrow that says "Yard Sale."

What do you look for in a yard sale sign?