Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I've been painting furniture.
It started with chalk-painting our dining table.
This took about three days. I pulled fabric from my eBay inventory to reupholster the seats .
Paint and supplies cost about $80.
We originally paid $100 for this table on craigslist six years ago.
So we're still only in $180 for the whole thing!
I found this breakfast table and two chairs on the curb.
(I also found an xbox 360, and a bunch of Native American home décor,
as well as a doll house from the same spot).
I am kicking myself for forgetting to take a before picture!!!
Imagine the table was brown, now imagine the chairs were brown, and you got it.

I'm pleased with the results.
It's for sale on eBay and Etsy and locally (Virginia Beach) available for delivery.
I have a couple other pieces I am working on which I'll post soon.
Where does this fit into moving and dissolving my eBay store?
Well this stuff I found in the trash.. so.. there's something.