Sunday, March 6, 2016

Recent Sales 3/6/16

Thank goodness February is over! Not only is nicer weather setting in, but people seem to be finally buying again on eBay. It was my slowest month since the previous February, it's also shorter which mean less time to make money to pay the bills. Here are some of my recent sales.

This is some department store wrapping paper on a large roll. It sold for $110 - my best sale in awhile. I paid $10 at an estate sale.

I took a best offer of $35 on this vintage stainless and wood flatware.
This vintage Scotch tape dispenser sold for $19.99, paid $2 at Family Thrift

This cute handmade tissue box cover for Easter sold for $12.99. I got it at the GWO so I probably paid $.10 as it is very light.

This Lands' End garment bag sold for $34.99. It is embroidered LBD - which could be Little Black Dress. Paid $3 at the GWO
How was February for you? How is March starting out?


  1. Yep..sales have been down about 50% or more..this weekend picked up a little bit though. Love that wrapping paper. What a great ROI! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How utterly creative on the LBD interpretation for the Land's End garment bag! I saw a chef's uniform top embroidered DEB. Now I'm thinking - Don't Eat Beef - for a vegetarian chef.