Monday, February 8, 2016

Listing Toolkit

Here's the tools I rely on when preparing items for photos and listing in no particular order
Fabric Refresher
I use this very rarely but it's handy nonetheless
Fabric Wrinkle Releaser
Again I use this very rarely but it's worth having around
Simple Green
Great safe cleaner
for removing price tag goo, and sharpie marker
Lysol Wipes
for removing other kinds of goo
Paper Towels
I use them more in packing to mark out barcodes on recycled boxes
for opening battery covers
for testing electronics
Glue Gun
for fixing things every once in a while
Ring Sizers
Light Bulb
for testing lamps
for doing fabric tests
Cassette Tape
for testing the record or play function
Extra Camera Battery and Charger
very handy
Lint Roller
Measuring Tape
for taking measurements of clothing and items

It all fits nicely here
One more important tool, a plug and extension cord!
What do you keep in your tool kit that I've missed?


  1. I don't have half your things..LOL But I do also keep a dry erase marker. Sometimes there is permanent marker on some items and writing over it with the dry erase marker and then wiping off usually gets the permanent marker off.

  2. I also have a magic eraser, a denture brush and an old flannel sheet that I tore into 12" squares for cleaning. I have a mixture of alcohol, vinegar and dawn in a spray bottle that I use for cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing shoes and such. And to heck with an extensior cord I have a heavy duty extension cord with a 6 plug outlet for lights, music, whatever.