Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Print Your eBay Store Listings

Recently I needed to print my listings in order to do a storage inventory. I'd lost an item someone bought, and then a few other items took me WAY too long to find. Once I hit about 900 items in my store the inventory kind of got away from me, and I've since gone back through little by little to figure out a better way.

After some messing around and googling I found out, its actually super easy to print all your listings!

First click on Active under my eBay. After your active listings come up, decide what order you want them printed in. Title will do alphabetical, price will do high-low, click again and it will do low-high, etc.

Or just print one category by clicking on "store category" and choosing the one you need to print.
(Variation - Another way to access your store categories click here and then click on the number in your category NOT the title)

Categorized by number of watchers high-low

Next find the print button, you may need to "CTRL + scroll out" here in order to see it. I couldn't find it at first because I was too zoomed in.
From there it will take you to a web-print page, which you can easily print using your favorite method.
Today I needed to print my flatware inventory because it's time to take stock. I sold someone two teaspoons that were actually serving spoons:/
Hope this helps!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I've thought about doing this before, but then I just took my laptop and went through everything on it. I will definitely save this tutorial though. Thanks for the tip!

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