Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Little On the Trashy Side

Here are some garbage related sales from the last month:
Salvage lot of flatware. Many of these has disposal damage, stains and discoloration.
Most of it came from a large lot I bought from Craigslist, which had some great pieces in it, but also lots of low quality stainless.The rest came from smaller lots here and there where I've listed the valuable pieces and the rest isn't worth it. The box weighed 30 pounds. Sold on auction for $19.99.
Someone in my neighborhood was throwing this martial arts uniform lot out. Sold for $13.00 - 100% profit.
Salvage lot of 100% cashmere sweaters for crafting. They were full of snags, holes and piling. Sold for $9 but they all came from an estate sale awhile back where I bought an entire closet of women's clothes for $2.
A neighbor was throwing this out along with two others and the Bio Orb. I kept the Bio Orb and it's functioning as a fountain on my patio. This pump sold for $24.99.
While none of these sales made me a millionaire, they were all on their way to the landfill one way or another, and made me 100% profit.
Have you sold anything a little on the trashy side lately?



  1. Our library keeps a box by the door with free books in it. There were three old paperbacks about the olympics that I picked up and sold for $10. That sale made me feel really good because I had a $9 fine for late books! Profit $1 :)

  2. Wow..$2 for an entire women's closet of clothing? Really incredible!