Monday, February 22, 2016

Recent Sales 2/22/16

Here's some of my better sales lately. February hasn't been great sales wise, but it did pick up this past weekend.

This amazing 80's charcuterie platter sold for $52. I paid $6 at Family Thrift.
I got these rollers at and estate sale in a garage. They've been listed for about a year, but finally sold for $26. Ha! Unbelievable.

This Breville Juicer filter sold for $29.99 - I got it at the GWO for maybe $.10

This Eddie Bauer sweater was another goodwill outlet find. It has very cute clouds and cows across the top. Paid maybe $1, sold for $24.99

These Studio Nova Yacht Race Pasta bowls sold for $24.99
I paid $.99 each at CHKD
This Dish network set sold for $99
I paid $2 at an online estate sale. It was in a box with a bunch of junk!
Other than this it's been lots of $9.99 type sales. How are things going for you?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Listing Toolkit

Here's the tools I rely on when preparing items for photos and listing in no particular order
Fabric Refresher
I use this very rarely but it's handy nonetheless
Fabric Wrinkle Releaser
Again I use this very rarely but it's worth having around
Simple Green
Great safe cleaner
for removing price tag goo, and sharpie marker
Lysol Wipes
for removing other kinds of goo
Paper Towels
I use them more in packing to mark out barcodes on recycled boxes
for opening battery covers
for testing electronics
Glue Gun
for fixing things every once in a while
Ring Sizers
Light Bulb
for testing lamps
for doing fabric tests
Cassette Tape
for testing the record or play function
Extra Camera Battery and Charger
very handy
Lint Roller
Measuring Tape
for taking measurements of clothing and items

It all fits nicely here
One more important tool, a plug and extension cord!
What do you keep in your tool kit that I've missed?

Super Find

I found this hat in a Goodwill Outlet bin yesterday.
I immediately texted my husband who is from Colorado,
to let him know that we were going to win!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Little On the Trashy Side

Here are some garbage related sales from the last month:
Salvage lot of flatware. Many of these has disposal damage, stains and discoloration.
Most of it came from a large lot I bought from Craigslist, which had some great pieces in it, but also lots of low quality stainless.The rest came from smaller lots here and there where I've listed the valuable pieces and the rest isn't worth it. The box weighed 30 pounds. Sold on auction for $19.99.
Someone in my neighborhood was throwing this martial arts uniform lot out. Sold for $13.00 - 100% profit.
Salvage lot of 100% cashmere sweaters for crafting. They were full of snags, holes and piling. Sold for $9 but they all came from an estate sale awhile back where I bought an entire closet of women's clothes for $2.
A neighbor was throwing this out along with two others and the Bio Orb. I kept the Bio Orb and it's functioning as a fountain on my patio. This pump sold for $24.99.
While none of these sales made me a millionaire, they were all on their way to the landfill one way or another, and made me 100% profit.
Have you sold anything a little on the trashy side lately?


Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Print Your eBay Store Listings

Recently I needed to print my listings in order to do a storage inventory. I'd lost an item someone bought, and then a few other items took me WAY too long to find. Once I hit about 900 items in my store the inventory kind of got away from me, and I've since gone back through little by little to figure out a better way.

After some messing around and googling I found out, its actually super easy to print all your listings!

First click on Active under my eBay. After your active listings come up, decide what order you want them printed in. Title will do alphabetical, price will do high-low, click again and it will do low-high, etc.

Or just print one category by clicking on "store category" and choosing the one you need to print.
(Variation - Another way to access your store categories click here and then click on the number in your category NOT the title)

Categorized by number of watchers high-low

Next find the print button, you may need to "CTRL + scroll out" here in order to see it. I couldn't find it at first because I was too zoomed in.
From there it will take you to a web-print page, which you can easily print using your favorite method.
Today I needed to print my flatware inventory because it's time to take stock. I sold someone two teaspoons that were actually serving spoons:/
Hope this helps!