Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Recent Sales 1/13/16

Since I last checked in sales have been average. I've had lots of little $10-$12 sales. This week I have listed several auctions after cleaning out my kids' closet, so we'll see how that pays off. Meanwhile, these are some of my better recent sales.
This jacket was a garbage find. It has one small rip under the pocket. It sold for $29 on sale.

I took a best offer of $25 on this Ernie knife, if you're a consistent reader of my blog you might remember I sold one of the same set before back in June of 2014.
Check out the Big Bird spoon sale here.

This vintage 90's VT sweatshirt sold for $38 on sale. My Mom has this sweatshirt and I was very close to keeping it, but as always I wanted the sale more than the item. I paid $3.

This portrait of a plain lady sold for $38 two weeks ago, and I forgot to mention it in my last update I got it at the thrift store for a couple bucks
This AMAZING vintage sweater sold for a best offer of $40. Yes, that's a leather eagle on the front.
I paid $8 for this Grateful Dead Cookie Jar. It is missing the lid. It has been listed for at least 18 months. I was so happy when it finally sold for $85.
How has January been for you?


  1. WOW! What a GREAT flip on the cookie jar!

  2. Now I am sad you sold the sweatshirt. ;) mom

  3. Nice sale on the cookie jar. The eagle sweatshirt is crazy. Glad you posted these. Nice to see what others are selling!