Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Listing measurements, flaws, and general info can be done more efficiently if you take your notes in your photos. What I mean is, there's no need to write it down.
Take these pants for example.
My listing starts here, I look at this photo to start my title
and this one for a few more details.
Now I have plenty of info for a descriptive title:
Talbots Signature Flare Women's 12 Wool Blend Tweed Pants Gray

Uh oh, these pants are missing a button on the pocket:(
I'll add that to the flaws in my listing

Rise 11"
I take my measurements in the photos too
I do keep a notepad nearby and if I do need to write myself a reminder I take a picture of that too
It's all with me when I sit down to list
I hope this helps any beginners who are trying out different eBay listing methods.
What are some ways you stay efficient?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to Find Your 1099K on PayPal

I spent a solid 15 minutes today looking for the Tax Documents link on PayPal. If you need help finding it too you can click this link to go straight there, or follow the directions below.
First, login to your Paypal account
Next, click on Activity
Then click on Statements, it's hidden over on the right hand side
In the dropdown you'll find Tax documents - click!
None yet, but it will be there soon
Hope this helps!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Recent Sales 1/13/16

Since I last checked in sales have been average. I've had lots of little $10-$12 sales. This week I have listed several auctions after cleaning out my kids' closet, so we'll see how that pays off. Meanwhile, these are some of my better recent sales.
This jacket was a garbage find. It has one small rip under the pocket. It sold for $29 on sale.

I took a best offer of $25 on this Ernie knife, if you're a consistent reader of my blog you might remember I sold one of the same set before back in June of 2014.
Check out the Big Bird spoon sale here.

This vintage 90's VT sweatshirt sold for $38 on sale. My Mom has this sweatshirt and I was very close to keeping it, but as always I wanted the sale more than the item. I paid $3.

This portrait of a plain lady sold for $38 two weeks ago, and I forgot to mention it in my last update I got it at the thrift store for a couple bucks
This AMAZING vintage sweater sold for a best offer of $40. Yes, that's a leather eagle on the front.
I paid $8 for this Grateful Dead Cookie Jar. It is missing the lid. It has been listed for at least 18 months. I was so happy when it finally sold for $85.
How has January been for you?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Battle of Gettysburg & Recent Sales

Happy 2016! I hope your holiday season was relaxing, or you at least didn't suffer a nervous breakdown. Considering it was 80 degrees on Christmas Eve here in Virginia Beach, I was very surprised to see snow flurries today! January is here and that means lots of eBay sales. December was just average for me, but January is already turning out nicely. I've made over $800 in the last 7 days, which is above average for me. It also motivates me to blog because I have more to share.
This US Civil War Belt Buckle sold for $19.99
Not sure if it's a reproduction, the buyer and I messaged a bit and he thinks it might be real but will know for sure once he takes measurements. I was happy to part with it for $20. I got it in a lot of buckles.
Speaking of the Civil War, over Thanksgiving we visited Gettysburg, my favorite historic place, and while doing some research I came across and interesting collection of business cards; Battlefield Tour Guide cards. Some of these men witnessed or fought in the battle click here for more(it's worth the look if you love history!) It's really incredible.
This was my absolute favorite. Sold for $295.
Here is the listing for photo credit.
Moving on to more recent sales...
These 4T Carhartt Overalls were a trash find by my husband, who grabbed a Rubbermaid container of perfectly clean and folded clothes from the trash. (Why not drop it at the Thrift Store people!?)
Sold on auction for $13.49

This 1985 Lilian Vernon Wool Stocking sold for $20 a few days before Christmas

This was the feedback left from the buyer. I LOVE feedback like this.

I've sold two complete hardcover 1st edition Harry Potter sets in the last two months, one for $70 (best offer), another for $85 (BIN).
I stopped buying them because these are usually marked up in thrift stores, and I paid about $30 for each set, making my margins way too low. I am happy to have sold the two sets I had.

These Chinese New Year / Birthday cards sold for $20
They came from and estate sale box lot that I paid $2 for and have made my money back many times over already - this was a surprising sale as I listed them what I considered high because there were no like items. 

This GWO find sold for a best offer of $50
It was new old stock from Lazarus (do they still exist?) It reminded me of something a performer would wear while signing at a hotel lounge.
That's it for now. I'd love to hear how things are going for you.