Tuesday, December 15, 2015

'Tis the Season... for Selling Mugs!

Sales have continued to be steady, but not spectacular. The one item that seems to be flying off the shelves are mugs. A few weeks ago I went through and re-priced all my mugs - about 70 in all. I like to try to sell most mugs for $15 but many had been sitting a long time and I relisted them for $6.99-$9.99. They were already listed, had been sitting a long time, and it was time to clear some space! The plan seems to be working.
These two English pottery mugs sold within a few days of one another for $8.99, and $9.99 
When I was about 10 my Mom and I were in the Hamptons (where my grandmother was a school teacher) and as we walked by a man, she said "That's Billy Joel" - I looked right into his face and said "Billy Who?" We still laugh about that in our family, so when I saw this mug at a thrift store I bought it for my mom... but then I decided to sell it (sorry Mom!) it sold yesterday for $9.99
This Lillian Vernon mug was marked 1977. It sold for $6 after being listed for about 18 months. This price is why I don't buy mugs much anymore - especially Christmas themed mugs. But the lady was very happy and called the mug perfect in her feedback.
Not mugs, but beautiful cardinal glasses. Perfect for a winter tablescape. I would have kept these if it was a larger set. There was 3 tumblers and 3 tall glasses, sold to the same lady for $24.
Overall I don't by mugs as frequently as I did in my eBay beginnings, but I do always check to mug section because some can be very valuable.
Have you sold any mugs lately?



  1. I've sold a couple of mugs lately. One was a really cool Snoopy Joe Cool mug. I have a lot of mugs that have been sitting for too long too. I think I may follow suit and try and blow them out.

  2. 59 mugs to be exact…just looked

    1. Yes, looking through some of the very old listings I'm wondering what I was ever thinking buying/listing some of these mugs? Others are very cool and unique. Now I am super picky about mugs!

  3. I am very sad about you selling my Billy Joel mug. :( mom.

  4. I still pick up mugs here and there, but am definitely pickier about them than I used to be.