Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thimble Help

Can you help me identify this type of thimble? I thought possibly self-threading, or its a blade, but those searches don't exactly match.
Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

'Tis the Season... for Selling Mugs!

Sales have continued to be steady, but not spectacular. The one item that seems to be flying off the shelves are mugs. A few weeks ago I went through and re-priced all my mugs - about 70 in all. I like to try to sell most mugs for $15 but many had been sitting a long time and I relisted them for $6.99-$9.99. They were already listed, had been sitting a long time, and it was time to clear some space! The plan seems to be working.
These two English pottery mugs sold within a few days of one another for $8.99, and $9.99 
When I was about 10 my Mom and I were in the Hamptons (where my grandmother was a school teacher) and as we walked by a man, she said "That's Billy Joel" - I looked right into his face and said "Billy Who?" We still laugh about that in our family, so when I saw this mug at a thrift store I bought it for my mom... but then I decided to sell it (sorry Mom!) it sold yesterday for $9.99
This Lillian Vernon mug was marked 1977. It sold for $6 after being listed for about 18 months. This price is why I don't buy mugs much anymore - especially Christmas themed mugs. But the lady was very happy and called the mug perfect in her feedback.
Not mugs, but beautiful cardinal glasses. Perfect for a winter tablescape. I would have kept these if it was a larger set. There was 3 tumblers and 3 tall glasses, sold to the same lady for $24.
Overall I don't by mugs as frequently as I did in my eBay beginnings, but I do always check to mug section because some can be very valuable.
Have you sold any mugs lately?


Monday, December 7, 2015

Drunk Teddy Bear

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that you're enjoying the holiday spirit. I love Christmas lights and have really enjoyed seeing them go up all over town.
November sales were slow overall, in fact it was the worst month I'd had all year. It probably had more to do with me listing next to nothing in Sept/Oct. So far Dec has been steady, because I started listing quite a bit at the end of November. Here's some recent sales:
This Drunk Teddy Bear sweatshirt from the 80's sold for $20
I got it at an online estate sale with a bunch of other clothes that all smelled like smoke. It took me literally 7x through the washer with vinegar, oxyclean etc to get the smell out!
This Atomic Star flatware serving set sold for $40
This is one of the first (maybe 200) items I ever listed on eBay. It has been sitting there forever (almost two years!)
It's a Veggie Tales Nativity set. I LOVE Nativity sets, and this one is super cute. It was missing most of the pieces though, and sold for only $12
This vintage Weebles circus set sold for $49 I paid $6? at an online estate sale.
That's it for now! Hope things are going well for you on and off eBay.