Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sales and Issues

This mug sold in October for a best offer of $30
$30 for a mug? I'll take that any day!!!
It's signed Vietri - a name to always look out for on ceramics.
No issues here, thank goodness!
Sometimes selling on eBay, just like any job, can be stressful. The difference with eBay is in the end I am my own boss, my customers aren't able to yell at me to my face and so I never take it too much to heart. October seemed to be full of eBay issues for me.

This pitcher and these canisters sold early in the month (perhaps late Sept).
I mixed up the labels and they went to the opposite buyers! Oh no, talk about anxiety. These are some fragile items which I'd made $80 on. Luckily BOTH buyers were helpful, kind and sent back the items promptly. I sent them both labels via priority mail, so the turn around was less than a week.
They've both received their correct items and one has left positive feedback. Phew.

The inexpensive items will always be the ones with issues.
I took a best offer of $12 free shipping on this tie. The buyer included some nice feedback extortion in one of his many messages. He finally returned the item, and his PayPal wasn't working so I'm still messaging him while he get's his info up to date. Geesh.
October FLEW buy and I bet I didn't list more than 20 things all month.
How are things for you in the eBay world?