Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How To Install Old eBay App

I gave the new app a few days, but unfortunately after missing several messages and best offers due to not receiving notifications, I really wanted the old app back while eBay irons out the kinks. I searched eBay forums and found the answer.

Thanks to Kyokat12 on the eBay forums for these easy instructions:

1. Uninstall current awful ebay app
2. Google search "old ebay app" and tap on the first website​/old
3. Select the version on the right-hand side, version (the last version before the new monstrosity)
4. Download
5. Go to your Play Store home page
6. Click Apps
7. Tap the top left menu, then select My Apps
8. Under your Installed list, find the newly downloaded Ebay app, select it
9. Bring up the menu by tapping your bottom left pad (left of the phone home button)
10. Uncheck Auto-Update

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pantry Reset Update

I've been too busy cooking to blog. But I've found some time and here I am with a pantry reset update.
The last of the protein.

It's September! Can you believe it? In August we spent just about $500 on food - or an average of $125/wk or $16/day. We didn't decide to do the challenge until the 7th though - so that's a whole week of unemcumbered spending.

A search on my online banking allowed me to figure out what we spent this time last year.

August 2014 $1129
August 2015 $500
(I went to Costco yesterday the 31st and spent $118 on food that is counting towards September as we haven't eaten it yet)

I looked at May too, incase that insane number was a fluke, but no it wasn't:
May 2014 $1110
May 2015 $967

We had been spending about $250-$275/week to feed a family of four (plus animals). That's crazy! Not to mention we can't actually afford it.

The pantry reset has been time consuming. Mainly because it is still summer and the kids are home (snacking) all day - and once we ran out of the ready snacks (about a week in) it was time to make or bake them.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (use up canned pumpkin, cream cheese blocks which I had 4 of in my fridge for an unknown reason)

Oatmeal Craisin Cookies (use up Craisins, Oats, add pecans omit chocolate and they are amazing)

Copycat Golden Oreos (A HUGE hit, used up a bunch of margarine I had in the freezer from last Thanksgiving's homemade gingerbread house fiasco)

I've been baking bread, cookies, muffins and pies. I've made several crock-pot meals, and am eating lots of salad too. The quality of our food has gone up rather than down, even now when I'm getting to the dredges of what's left in the pantry. My personal problem is eating the cookies and popcorn I make the kids for snacks. I'm not a fan of goldfish, but these homemade goodies are hard to pass up!

Is this food revolution going to last forever? Have I bought my last loaf of HealthNut? Certainly not because I'm getting burned out. But I am happy to have found an area where we can greatly improve our spending habits, and eat a little healthier in the process.