Monday, August 10, 2015

Again & Pantry Reset

My husband hates a particular habit I have. I'll rearrange a whole room, live with it for a week and then decide I can't stand it a second longer, then proceed to have him help me put it back to where it was before.

Well that is what I (mostly) did with my blog. While I'm rearranging I'm mopping under furniture and dusting knick knacks - and with my blog I did some house cleaning too. So it was not all a loss.

I started this blog as an eBay journal, and the new format wasn't conducive to "journaling" - so here we are back to basics and I'm totally excited about it.

The past couple weeks have been busy. We went on vacation. I've been listing consistently and have about 1020 items currently listed (about 20 on auction on my personal account are all my kids outgrown clothes). I've been having typical summer sales. I got a negative feedback (which I was expecting after the back and forth with the buyer). It was one of those, "if you aren't happy with the item send it back for a full refund," but since she'd already told me in another message that the (jacket) was "so cute" she obviously didn't want to send it back, and I gave her a partial refund, which she rewarded by leaving a negative and saying something to the effect that the jacket was horrible and smelly - I made the mistake of saying "excellent" when I missed a small stain. I did try to call and have in removed but in the end I know I misrepresented the item. Oh well.

I have been selling lots of shoes. I got about 30 pairs for $3 at an online estate auction! It was about a 45 minute drive to go pick them up (and the rest of the contents of the closet) but well worth it. I spent $28 total for an entire closet of stuff. It's been work, and it's only a third listed, but about 6 pairs of shoes have already sold including these Skechers Shape Ups:

Sold $27 paid $.10
I don't think they are manufacturing these anymore.
New In Box sell for up to $100!
Keurig Replacement Lid sold for $12.99
Sold the tank for $26, and another part for $6 too - all within three days,
I got the broken Keurig from my grandmother for free
Winter Jacket size 6XL
Sold for $100 to a buyer in Australia. Paid $10 at DAV
I've also sold several pairs of jeans recently too, so fall clothing sales are starting!
After our vacation money is pretty tight this month, so we've decided to do a pantry challenge. You take an inventory of everything in your freezer and pantry and eat it all before buying more (we're anticipating this taking us a month). We uncovered about 35lbs of meat from the depths of our freezers and pounds of rice, pasta, and beans from the pantry. Luckily both my husband and I are decent cooks, but I have a feeling the last two weeks will be the real challenge when supplies dwindle! We'll limit our grocery spending to milk, fruit, and veggies. No store bought bread until we can't make it out of our pantry! I have a feeling I'll be logging lots of kitchen hours this month but that's okay it will be fun to see how much we can save by doing this. After reading many frugal cooking blogs, and other pantry challenges I do truly feel blessed to have a months worth of food in our pantry.
Have you done a pantry challenge before?  


  1. Whaaaat - 30 pairs of shoes for $3?! That is the deal of the century! I had fun buying 150 stupid craft things for 2.5 cents each at a yard sale - small stuff like ribbons, vintage buttons, kid beads, etc. But you will definitely make more of a return for the money invested.

    Great job on listing! You are motivated!

    Not sure if I told that we got word at work that we might get laid off at the end of the year. I'm over the shock and I've formulated my Plan B (apply to another company in a totally different field), Plan C (full time eBay - no excuses now!), and Plan D (open up a hot dog stand on Chincoteague Island). Ha!

    And have you seen Tiny Homes on HGTV? They fascinate me. I think I could live in one but then I would need 10 garages.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the lay-offs. That kind of uncertainty is hard. Maybe if you list a bunch over the next month or two you can make a good chunk of change before then.

    I have seen the tiny houses. I have no desire to experience life in one. None. I don't want a huge house but I don't want to feel like I'm always camping either.

  3. Wow, a 6xl. Not sure I've ever seen one that big. We once sold a jacket that I found (a 4xl) also to Australia. LOL