Monday, July 13, 2015

Photo Collage for Multiple Views on Main Photo

There are some items you may want to show multiple sides of in the main photo
For example the pen above is a high priced item (listed for about $75) - so I could justify spending a few minutes on a photo collage. This particular pen has a little carriage on it that I wanted to highlight. So I headed on over to and made the above collage. It is an intuitive site and you should have no problem with this. You may have Photoshop already I only have it on my more powerful desktop - so it's nice to be able to do this "in the cloud" on my laptop.
Click on Collage on the Pic Monkey homepage
You will automatically be prompted to load your photos (not pictured).
Then pick the collage layout you want,
I like these side by side squares under "ducks in a row"

Then click back to the photo icon
Drag and drop your photos wherever you want them
Edit the photos (Zoom in or out) using the hovering edit button
Click save
You'll have the option of three file sizes, pick what suits your needs, and you're...
ready for listing in approximately 3 minutes or less!
This uniform top has great detail on the back,
but I hate putting the main photo as the back of an item. This solves the problem!
Do you use a similar method? I'd love to hear about it.
What items do you think it is helpful to display this way?


  1. I don't use collage very often. Usually the reason I use it is when I have more than 12 photos for a listing. I'll throw a couple into a collage so that I can use more photos. I sometimes also do it if I am selling a lot of something like books. Then I can show a few covers at once in the main photo. I like how you've used it in your two examples.

  2. I use picmonkey all the time but forgot that you could do this! I would probably use this to edit mugs that had two interesting sides. Shoes and boots might benefit being photographed like that. Hmmm - now you got my noggin' thinkin'.

  3. Oh this is a great tool! Thanks for sharing.

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