Saturday, July 11, 2015

BubbleWrap, Paypal, Weekly Update

Hope sales were great for you this week. I had a decent week - no complaints. I'm up to 920ish listings. I had a fraudulent Paypal charge this week - the rep I spoke to said she could tell the number was pinned in somewhere. It was strange, but luckily I noticed the email from Paypal about my recent "Debit Pin Transaction" and knew something was up because I hadn't used my Paypal debit card in days.
This sold for about $13 this week I listed it as something like
Vegan/Vegetarian Thanksgiving Humor Cross Stitch 
Paid $1
Any guesses what it's really about? Is it really vegan humor? I don't know.
Arbor Rose/True Rose pattern mixed lot
Sold for $35.99
This has been listed for about a year
as you can see from my old photo set up (on an ironing board)
Probably paid $4
These pants sold on auction for $76 and then I got the dreaded "I accidentally bid" message.
I relisted them BIN $75 and they sold a few days later to a costume house in California. Maybe they'll end up in a movie! Not bad for an item I found in the trash.
This plus some fish tank plants which sold for $5ish make my trash sales this week around $80!
I sold two of these (one black, one pink) I bought them at Marshalls on clearance for $10. They sold for $26.99 F/S - a profit of about $13. Not great, but not a total bust. I thought I could get more as the MSRP was $110-$120 on them. I still have one to sell.
In eBay and shipping related news:
A new and sustainable bubble wrap will be available within the year
Here's a link to a blog explaining why Amazon sends bubble wrap in a box with Kraft paper
Let me know how your week was in the comments!


  1. grim...sums up the week , weve lost our local post office and the next village one , currently without transport AAARRRGGGGHHHH so have ceased ebay till something comes up , need the income but not sure how long till we have wheels again

  2. Turkey is what we used to call each other back in the day. You Turkey! A turkey was a big dummy, kidder jokester, could be a mean jokester or a fun one ... maybe the equivalent to butt head now. :) So I think it means No Turkey's allowed.
    mom :)