Sunday, July 12, 2015

A New Look

If you're reading this from a computer you'll see that over the weekend I revamped my blog! I dusted off the corner of my brain that used to write HTML code regularly and do web design for an area based non-profit Physicians for Peace - and got to work. Yes at times my head was close to exploding.

Here's an inside glimpse at what went into The New Look: This design is a template that I tweaked. It's more colorful and should make finding old and related posts more accessible. Godaddy is running a $.99/year domain name sale so I'm also the proud new owner of!

I created a new banner at a fun site that you can do all kinds of quick/easy photo editing on.

You may notice that my ads aren't showing - because it will take a few days for adsense to approve my new name. If you've had trouble with this before, or plan on using a custom domain in the future here is a very helpful video on getting your ads turned back on:

Having a new domain also cleared out My Blog List :( I'll try to get them up again ASAP. Please comment with your current blog URL to make the process quicker.
I'm also including some amazon affiliate links. If you ever are interested in something I mention you can support this blog by buying it through these links - like the ones below:

This computer is my everyday go-to listing friend - it also did all the revamping.
I absolutely love it
So it's still the same old blog but a little prettier! And I promise not to bombard you with irrelevant ads and links. As always thank you for reading.


  1. The blog looks great. Do you really have that magenta laptop? I love it! My url is if you want to link to my blog. I hope I'm not being too forward since you didn't ask for opinions but I'm not really fond of the blog format where you have to click over to read the entire post. I always lose my place when I click over and have to start from the beginning again. Maybe just me?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Nancy. I agree I like seeing the newest post in its entirety - I'll try to fix it once my brain rests from html overload.

    2. and yes I love my pink laptop haha!

  2. I refreshed and was bombarded with color - love it!