Saturday, July 4, 2015

900 + Weekly Update 7/4/15

Hope you're having a great day. Sales really picked up for me - maybe because I finally hit 900 listings. I've been home (listing) more this week and not at the beach at all. I will not be a victim of the first shark attack this year in VA. My heart and thoughts to those who have been injured and lost limbs recently. It's very scary.
Here's some eBay sales from the past week:
An interesting sale this week was these handmade felt and sequin church ornaments
That's how I listed them anyway, because I am not actually sure what they are. If you know please comment.
Sold for a best offer of $20
I THINK I paid $2
I sold $49 worth of these Accodata binders this week
Picked them up at the GWO for $.59 a pound, so maybe $1 for the box
Vintage office always does well for me
Also a GWO find 50x30 Oshkosh Overalls
sold for $62 on sale
paid by the pound probably $3.50
These two garbage find uniform tops sold internationally for $25 each
The one on the left is an old special warfare (SEALS etc) uniform top, the one on the right is a Navy "Johnny Cash" uniform top - neither are current uniforms and I assume the person throwing them out figured they didn't have value anymore.
I sold $88 worth of garbage finds this week!
Let me know how things are going for you!


  1. I have got to get to a GWO! You have found some incredible stuff there. Great deals on your garbage finds too!

  2. 900+ listings - (singing) AwEsOmE! You've been a busy bee! You gave me some courage to check out the curbside. This week I drove by a French Provincial repro night stand. I did a u-turn and checked it out. It was not worth saving - it wasn't made of real wood and it was tore up from the floor up. BUT! I grabbed the little drawers because the hardware was awesome. I'm sure I can use it for that "one day" project.