Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mid-Week Update

Things have been busy and we have a short vacation coming up at the end of the month - here's a quick mid week SOLD items update:
This mixed lot of mid-century stainless/composite flatware
sold for a Best Offer of $25

These Rocco Dispirto Signed cookbooks sold for a best offer of $30
Paid $6

These vintage 80's NFL pencils sold for
$49.99 Free Shipping
I paid $2 on an online local pick up estate auction

This unusual camel sculpture sold for $30ish
Paid maybe $2

Monday, July 13, 2015

Photo Collage for Multiple Views on Main Photo

There are some items you may want to show multiple sides of in the main photo
For example the pen above is a high priced item (listed for about $75) - so I could justify spending a few minutes on a photo collage. This particular pen has a little carriage on it that I wanted to highlight. So I headed on over to and made the above collage. It is an intuitive site and you should have no problem with this. You may have Photoshop already I only have it on my more powerful desktop - so it's nice to be able to do this "in the cloud" on my laptop.
Click on Collage on the Pic Monkey homepage
You will automatically be prompted to load your photos (not pictured).
Then pick the collage layout you want,
I like these side by side squares under "ducks in a row"

Then click back to the photo icon
Drag and drop your photos wherever you want them
Edit the photos (Zoom in or out) using the hovering edit button
Click save
You'll have the option of three file sizes, pick what suits your needs, and you're...
ready for listing in approximately 3 minutes or less!
This uniform top has great detail on the back,
but I hate putting the main photo as the back of an item. This solves the problem!
Do you use a similar method? I'd love to hear about it.
What items do you think it is helpful to display this way?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A New Look

If you're reading this from a computer you'll see that over the weekend I revamped my blog! I dusted off the corner of my brain that used to write HTML code regularly and do web design for an area based non-profit Physicians for Peace - and got to work. Yes at times my head was close to exploding.

Here's an inside glimpse at what went into The New Look: This design is a template that I tweaked. It's more colorful and should make finding old and related posts more accessible. Godaddy is running a $.99/year domain name sale so I'm also the proud new owner of!

I created a new banner at a fun site that you can do all kinds of quick/easy photo editing on.

You may notice that my ads aren't showing - because it will take a few days for adsense to approve my new name. If you've had trouble with this before, or plan on using a custom domain in the future here is a very helpful video on getting your ads turned back on:

Having a new domain also cleared out My Blog List :( I'll try to get them up again ASAP. Please comment with your current blog URL to make the process quicker.
I'm also including some amazon affiliate links. If you ever are interested in something I mention you can support this blog by buying it through these links - like the ones below:

This computer is my everyday go-to listing friend - it also did all the revamping.
I absolutely love it
So it's still the same old blog but a little prettier! And I promise not to bombard you with irrelevant ads and links. As always thank you for reading.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

BubbleWrap, Paypal, Weekly Update

Hope sales were great for you this week. I had a decent week - no complaints. I'm up to 920ish listings. I had a fraudulent Paypal charge this week - the rep I spoke to said she could tell the number was pinned in somewhere. It was strange, but luckily I noticed the email from Paypal about my recent "Debit Pin Transaction" and knew something was up because I hadn't used my Paypal debit card in days.
This sold for about $13 this week I listed it as something like
Vegan/Vegetarian Thanksgiving Humor Cross Stitch 
Paid $1
Any guesses what it's really about? Is it really vegan humor? I don't know.
Arbor Rose/True Rose pattern mixed lot
Sold for $35.99
This has been listed for about a year
as you can see from my old photo set up (on an ironing board)
Probably paid $4
These pants sold on auction for $76 and then I got the dreaded "I accidentally bid" message.
I relisted them BIN $75 and they sold a few days later to a costume house in California. Maybe they'll end up in a movie! Not bad for an item I found in the trash.
This plus some fish tank plants which sold for $5ish make my trash sales this week around $80!
I sold two of these (one black, one pink) I bought them at Marshalls on clearance for $10. They sold for $26.99 F/S - a profit of about $13. Not great, but not a total bust. I thought I could get more as the MSRP was $110-$120 on them. I still have one to sell.
In eBay and shipping related news:
A new and sustainable bubble wrap will be available within the year
Here's a link to a blog explaining why Amazon sends bubble wrap in a box with Kraft paper
Let me know how your week was in the comments!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

900 + Weekly Update 7/4/15

Hope you're having a great day. Sales really picked up for me - maybe because I finally hit 900 listings. I've been home (listing) more this week and not at the beach at all. I will not be a victim of the first shark attack this year in VA. My heart and thoughts to those who have been injured and lost limbs recently. It's very scary.
Here's some eBay sales from the past week:
An interesting sale this week was these handmade felt and sequin church ornaments
That's how I listed them anyway, because I am not actually sure what they are. If you know please comment.
Sold for a best offer of $20
I THINK I paid $2
I sold $49 worth of these Accodata binders this week
Picked them up at the GWO for $.59 a pound, so maybe $1 for the box
Vintage office always does well for me
Also a GWO find 50x30 Oshkosh Overalls
sold for $62 on sale
paid by the pound probably $3.50
These two garbage find uniform tops sold internationally for $25 each
The one on the left is an old special warfare (SEALS etc) uniform top, the one on the right is a Navy "Johnny Cash" uniform top - neither are current uniforms and I assume the person throwing them out figured they didn't have value anymore.
I sold $88 worth of garbage finds this week!
Let me know how things are going for you!