Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ramblings & FREE Audiobooks

Clever Ad for a Virginia Beach yard sale,
found on Craigslist and brought to my
attention by reader and commenter extraordinaire Ree Cee
I rarely stop at yard sales anymore. Not enough bang for the buck - and while I know I am missing out on some items, there is an endless amount of stuff in the waste stream.  I'd much rather go somewhere like a thrift store, estate sale, church sale, or flea market where I can source a bunch at once.
I know most of us like to keep our ears busy while we clean, photograph and list. I recently found Loyal Books a free public domain of 7,000+ classic books on audio! I'm excited about finding this website, and hope that you can pass some hours listening to it too.

I added a new page to the top of the blog, Listen While You List - a compilation of some podcasts and radio shows that I listen to regularly. A new find is What I Wore When - a Glamour Magazine podcast, these are short but interesting interviews with public figures reminiscing about what they were wearing when...

I've had all kinds of time to find these new podcasts because eBay has been  S-L-O-W - I've been listing like crazy, and am up to 826 listings. Of the 50+ items I've listed this week, 40 of it was winter clothes, so those items are not selling (yet). I've been to the GWO frequently lately and I am finding LOTS of winter clothes as those are not selling at the Goodwill right now. I'm hoping that starting in Sept all these corduroys and leather jackets will fly out of my store. Maybe in the winter I'll find lots of summer clothes? I'm not a huge clothes seller - but I love classic GAP Sweaters, vintage jackets, and quality jeans.

Lamb's wool/Alpaca blend GAP Sweater
Paid $1 at the GWO

I've been so hungry for sales that I created a few sales this week that were big %s off. I even put all the items in my store that had 5+ watchers on sale for 30% - so far two of those items have sold.

I don't have any interesting sales to report. How are things going for you this week?


  1. I had two days this week with zero sales. Very slow week. Love that sweater.

  2. Thanks for the link to Loyalty Books! I never read fiction but there are lots of classic books I would love to have read - maybe this the way to go. For eBay/non-fiction, maybe we should listen to The Prince or The Art of War LOL!

    Good going on the GWO winter clothing. You'll be selling like crazy before you know it!

  3. Has been a slow week for me also!

    Wish I had a GWO. I live in Ky and not one anywhere close

    1. I live in KY too, so we drive to the Nashville GWO and go every 4 or 5 months! We spend a whole day there so that I make enough back to pay for the gas down there and then some! It's pretty nice!

  4. I sold a couple of items just minutes after I listed them on Saturday and a third item sold a few ours later. I probably priced the items too low, but I need money now and can't afford to sit and wait for double the price like some other sellers. I'm really happy with the profit I made and I'm shipping everything out today.

    1. I had several sales Sunday too - thank goodness!