Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mid-June Update

I did not post a weekly update earlier this week because I didn't have anything exciting to report. I listed like crazy, and my store had at the highest 780 items and is now down a few. 1000 is within an easy distance and my goal is to reach that number by the end of the month. These are some sales over the past 10 days or so.
Vintage JCPenny Helicopter Toddler Sweater
I got this sweater for $3 at Family Thrift
Sold for $24.99 to someone in Brooklyn who I imagine is very hip.
This silver plate set of serving utensils sold for best offer of $54
I paid $8 at Family Thrift - They have been listed for about a year
This vintage Naval Academy sweatshirt sold for $30 dollars
I got it at the GWO, so I probably paid $1.50
I got this switch plate at the GWO,
so I probably paid $1, as it's fairly heavy
Sold for $18
I love to listen to different podcasts while I work, and have been listening to Straight Talk with Ross regularly for a few months. (Contains explicit content).  It is hosted by Ross Mathews - "Ross the Intern" from Leno, also from E!s red carpet, and Chelsea Lately. So if you're looking for something new check it out:
If you're politically minded this episode with guest Meghan McCain might be a good place to start - or if you're a recovering N*SYNC fan you might like this (my personal favorite episode so far) with Lance Bass.
Sales have been "normal" lately, although I did had one no-sale day this week.
How is eBay life treating you? Have you found any new podcasts lately?


  1. Yesterday I started listening to a new podcast called Mystery Show with Starlee Kine. There are only 3 episodes so far. I thought it was entertaining.

    Sales have been good for me the last few weeks. I've been running some big sales and taking some offers.

  2. Congrats on your sales, and thanks for the podcast recommendation. I'm always looking for new ones to listen to while I list.

  3. Nice sales. I have a long way to go until I hit 1000 listings, but I would love to catch up with you!