Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What the Fork? + Garbage Haul

I had steady but low dollar sales this past week. A few highlights are:
This cast iron elephant door stop.
Paid $5 at an estate sale, sold for a best offer of $35

And this NASA hat sold for a profit of about $18
As I mentioned last week, I've been more and more interested in finding trash to sell
Today I got a Coleman cooler for my family to use
While cleaning it with the hose and some dish soap I spotted something shiny in the crack between the sidewalk and the house.
The top of a fork!

I found two garbage bags full of old Marine, and Navy uniforms at a trash pile I drove by this morning. Some are going to the thrift store and some I will sell. None of it belonged in the trash.

From last week's garbage haul this vintage Woolrich zip up lightweight jacket sold for $24.99.
I'm feeling like maybe I should have asked more, but I did find it in the trash.
Just today I sold the Cranky Ice Cream Maker (again) for a best offer of $35. It was low, but I took it because it's annoying me to look at. Plus it's already packed (ha, ha). Don't worry there shouldn't be a return because this was the new description:
-Listed for Parts or Repair-
Vintage Rustic Primitive Decor White Mountain Freezer Ice Cream Maker Hand Crank
This hand cranked ice cream maker would make a beautiful decor piece in your Rustic/Primitive/Country style kitchen.
There is rust and aging throughout - it is a decorative piece not for actual use (could possibly be repaired) missing some parts - comes as pictured
What are your thoughts? How was your week?


  1. I love seeing your garbage hauls.

  2. I see you have the Things I Find in the Garbage blog on your blogroll. You might enjoy this blog as well. She seems to donate a lot of her finds but sells some too.

  3. I love the elephant door stop and that Nasa hat is really cute. Yesterday I was walking my dog and a lady was putting stuff out on the curb. She put a Galileo telescope on the curb! I talked to her for a bit and I said someone would surely come by and pick that up. I called my hubby to bring the van down to come and get it, but he waited too long and by the time he went down (maybe 10 minutes later) someone else had taken it! But he talked to the lady and she showed him what else she was throwing out. He got a pair of brand new mulching blades for our lawnmower for free!

  4. Your neighbor's garbage is the best!! :)

  5. I'm always interested to hear about your garbage finds as well. I'm curious - how deep do you dig? :-) Are all of your finds just sitting out on the curb? I rarely see things out for garbage pick-up, other than the actual trash bins.

    1. Most of my finds have been sitting in boxes by the curb. My neighborhood has a large trash pick up once a week and so I'll drive around on that day to see what is out. I count myself lucky for that!