Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekly Update & AVEDA

Let me get a quick BOLO out of the way! AVEDA. I love AVEDA - a salon school, salon franchise and environmentally friendly product line. Check out these sold listings (highest price first). When I'm really feeling like pampering myself I will buy the Stress Fix bath salts by AVEDA, and check eBay for an auction every once in awhile for a good deal - but they have a huge range of products and you never know if you might find some at an estate sale or thrift store!
Everything went very well with my second eye surgery. I'm still limited in lifting heavy items and doing "inversions" but all in all things are back to normal - but better because I CAN SEE! I have the best vision I've ever had. It's like going from regular TV to High Def. Before my vision was 20/70 WITH glasses because of the cataracts, now it's about 20/25 without glasses. Amazing.
Photo Credit - This is a very good example of my before and after.
In eBay news:
I had some very cool feedback on this small watercolor which sold the other week:
How cool is that? I love stories like this. Especially because I love genealogy.
I paid $5? and sold for $30
Here's another fun feedback I awhile ago:

The buyer sent me several offers on this bag,
which I'd purchased at the GWO for $3 - we finally agreed on $40
Now for some sales - the following three sales from the past week were all "free money":
Flight Suit 100% Aramid (fire resistant material)
I followed signs to a yard sale a few weeks ago, I didn't buy anything at the sale but their neighbors were throwing this (and many other things) out.
Sold for $25ish

These were some old spice jars of mine.
 I didn't even clean them just made it clear they still contained some spice.
Sold for $9

Vera Bradley bag
Again, found in a box that was waiting for trash pick up
Sold for $20
What cool stories have you heard from buyers as to why they purchased your item?
Have you sold any "trash" lately?


  1. So glad to hear your surgery was a success. Congrats

    Love those feed back stories! I don't get them too often but I love when other bloggers share them

  2. Glad your surgery is over and seeing is so much better.
    Free...that's the right price. Good job for saving that stuff from the landfill. 5 stars!!
    I don't get many comments on feedback, that is so great about the painting.

  3. Nice feedback stories, especially about the painting - how cool is that! I traded emails with a Starbucks mug collector (he had 750 mugs and counting) and he told me I did the best packaging job of all the mugs he bought on eBay. I was so flattered. But it was overkill because it was my first mug sale and I didn't care how much it cost - that mug was going to be cushioned to the nth degree.

    So glad your surgery went well and you can see better. Now you can spot the treasures within the trash with an eagle eye!