Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Update 5/25/15

The holiday weekend proved to be just a "regular" weekend on eBay. I had about $160 in sales on Fri/Sat/Sun. I ship next business day, and rarely ship on Saturdays. eBay's business days do not include Saturday. When people see the expected delivery date next day shipping assumes a Friday purchase will ship Monday - with the long weekend that extends til Tuesday. I've never had a complaint about any items that were purchased on the Friday of a long weekend and shipped Tuesday. What about you? What do you do? 
I'm happy with that $160, but would always be happier with more. Here are some of those sales:
Vintage 1970/80's Oscar De La Renta suit vest sold for $26
Purchased at the GWO, so I paid less than a dollar by weight.
I found this card in the pocket of the vest
Idaho Supreme Court 1981/2
What path did this vest make from Idaho
 to Hampton Roads VA and then to the Goodwill Outlet?
Entire 3pc Oscar De La Renta men's suits are selling on eBay for $30-$50 so I have to assume it was the vintage which helped the price on my vest. De La Renta is famous for his women's dresses which sell for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. He famously designed Almal Alamuddin's (now Clooney) wedding gown. He died last October. If you need some listing listening here is a short interview with Amal Clooney's mom, Baria Alamuddin from the BBC after his death.
Another Life Is Good retired pattern hat
Sold for $35ish on sale. Paid $5ish.
Found these two Converse for Target shirts in the trash
Sold on sale for $13
Free Money
Got a bunch of remotes at the GWO awhile back.
Probably paid $.10 each by weight
This one sold for $9
Lot of 9 pcs of Oneida "Impulse" pattern
sold for a best offer of $25
I'm getting my second eye surgery on Wednesday so I will probably not be posting again til next week. I'm dying for a Goodwill Outlet run, but don't know if I'll be able to fit one it. Let me know how your sales and thrifting has been.


  1. I try to ship any orders that come through before 1:00 p.m. on Friday that afternoon. Everything else waits until Monday, or as in the case of a holiday, on Tuesday. I've never had a complaint either. Praying for a complication-free procedure or you. Take care.

  2. Best wishes on your surgery! I'm dying to hit the GWO - haven't been there since probably the Fall? I like that the regular GW is right next door in case you don't have luck at the outlet (although it's hard NOT to find a bargain there. And $160 is nothing to sneeze at - be proud of yourself!

  3. In my listing description it says that I ship Mon-Fri up to 3 PM EST. In my payment instructions it says that any payments after 3 PM on Friday will ship on the following Monday. That being said, I almost always mail them on Saturday. I put that in there just in case I can't get to the post office for whatever reason. I hope all goes well with your surgery today.

  4. Hello: I am wondering if you sold your Onieda Impulse?