Friday, May 22, 2015

Locally Sold

Recently I've fallen into a buying rut -  and only picking up what I know. Sometimes I'll browse eBay for some fresh ideas. On a recent Scavenger Life interview with long time eBay seller Amazing*Taste, she mentions searching the sold listings in her area to see what other sellers are finding. What a good idea! I've researched other flatware sellers in my area, but never thought to see what others are specializing in that I am looking over.
The following listings were all SOLD within 10 miles of Virginia Beach in the past 90 days.
I wouldn't know these if I saw them, but good on this seller for recognizing a good thing!
$400 dollars for Barbie shoes.

How many lures have I looked over at estate sales?
Thousands. It is the beach after all.

Happing Shining eBay Seller

I remember playing on one of these at my friends house in 1st grade.

I think this is a catalogue of fishing gear. Who'd of thought?

Such a nice fabric find.
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  1. That's some really interesting research! Unusual items that I'd normally overlook except for the Barbie shoes.

  2. Great post! We can't all get it all so I love to see what everyone else is selling. I swear I wasn't going to go "saling" today but I can't stop myself. I went to a church sale that started at 7 AM but they started bringing things out at 7 and nothing was priced. I just left.

    I stopped at a yard sale and bought a couple of things from a nice couple with the cutest long haired chihuahua (we had a moment when I talked to her in my high pitched voice that I reserve for lap dogs). Talk about comfort zone, the husband was going to sell me a slew (about a dozen) fishing poles, vintage and new for just $10! Anyone else would probably have jumped at that price but I know less than nothing about fishing poles and passed on it. The wife found a four leaf clover while I was there and gave it to me. That was such a sweet thing to do! I went to another yard sale in the neighborhood and the man was selling fishing poles too and I asked if he collected them. He said well yeahhh and I told him about the deal the other yard saler had and he seemed interested. I told him where it was and I hope he buys them.

    Elsewhere I found two white Fiesta serving bowls for $1.50 each. I'm a little perplexed why Fiesta would put out white when the main reason people love them is because of the vibrant colors. I guess it would go with anything you might already have on hand. I also got four white Fiesta bowls for $2.

    I also bought two pairs of used Kate Spade shoes for myself (black/tan) for $3 each. They are like my Scion - boxy and fugly. But they feel so comfortable.

  3. I love seeing what sells for others and getting new ideas, and that is a good idea to search what's sold in your area for availability. That's one AMAZING Barbie shoe sale!

  4. Interesting to see what others are selling!