Monday, May 11, 2015

Boxes Are Fun

Turns out it's not just kids who like to play with the boxes their toys come in. I get enjoyment out of an eBay item fitting perfectly into a shipping box!
Below is the 9.25 x 6.25 x 2" box. It fits perfectly inside of the PFR if you need a little extra support for a small heavy item.

Like a glove.

A corner of my shipping area, which I've shown before.
I keep some smaller boxes open so I can easily see if an item will fit in them.

If only my inventory was this organized.
(Notice I've not included pictures of the shelves with inventory, haha!)
Tissue paper and poly-mailers, perfect for soft items.
I also use poly-mailers for odd shaped items. I will wrap them in bubble wrap and cardboard and put it in a poly-mailer.

Boxes that my landlord brings me, or I pull the out of the recycling dumpster behind the office.
I reuse boxes all the time. I usually just tape over the old tape and have never had a complaint. People would be real jerks if they complained about you recycling.

Packed air - this whole box was free from the dumpster

Two of my favorite free USPS boxes.
Regional Flat Rate A, and the 7" cube box

The regional rate boxes really confused me at first. I was making it more confusing than it actually is. eBay makes it easy when you go to print the label you just click the right box and save $. It's that simple - and the box is such a perfect size.

The 7" cube is the perfect size for shipping mugs. I've perfected my mug packing method (not pictured;) and it includes the 7" cube.

What's your best packing tip or trick?


  1. You are not alone in getting excited about items that fit perfectly into boxes. I also love when I can fit an item into a flat rate bubble mailer and save myself $5+ on shipping. Great post!

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