Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5/5/15 Update - Garbage Haul

I did not list at all this week and my numbers reflected that. No problem though because I just got a bunch of FREE stuff to list today. Yay for free! There was a neighborhood yard sale this past weekend and this morning was trash day. Someone packed their yard sale up into these boxes and left them for the trash - but I got them first. Inside were some Land of Nod baskets, several tablecloths, a bunch of clothes, and some décor items - and some other great stuff pictured below. I threw them in the back of my car and ran some errands. When I got back into the car I smelled something - laundry detergent. These clothes which were left for trash must have been newly laundered for the yard sale!
Free stuff
Fossil Toiletries Bag

Brass Bamboo Edged Chargers (4)

Ralph Lauren Polo Zip Up Cotton Jacket
I am more and more inspired to find items people are throwing away to sell. It's just so amazing to me that someone wouldn't call for a thrift store to come pick up this stuff, they'd rather just throw it out. I will donate the items I don't intend to sell (mostly the kids clothes) to the local thrift store.
What is the best sale you've made from a free item?


  1. That is so cool!

    I see you have Martin's blog in your sidebar. There is another person who does a blog of what she finds in the trash


    She is in Canada too. It amazes me what they find. Do you find things in the trash on a regular basis? I don't notice much left out where I live that isn't actually in trash bags which I'm not brave enough to go through. I need it to be easy.

  2. I just picked up a Little Tykes picnic table and Little Tykes red wagon for free. Just sitting on a curb with a free sign. Heck yeah, I love free money, they are going on FB tomorrow!

  3. Love those chargers. Good for you on being adventurous. I'm constantly amazed at what I read people throw out - even money, coins - for God's sake. I can't wait to see what you find next!

    BTW, I went to CHKD today and found my first Misook. I was so excited because I read about the brand but I've never seen one. It was a plain black sleeveless sheath dress. It didn't have tags but it looks new. I think it must have hung forgotten in someone's closet. I would keep it if it were my size but I'm way bigger than a medium.

  4. I live in a huge development and there are men who drive around in pickup trucks every single day looking for stuff put out on the curb for trash day. Their trucks are always packed, so if I see anything good, I have to be quick about snatching it up. So far I got some dining room chairs for my BIL to redo.

  5. I can't believe someone was tossing out a Fossil bag or any of that stuff for that matter. Congrats on digging in and finding so many treasures! :)

  6. I don't find much in the trash where I live but I do see trucks with stuff they have picked up going by sometimes. One thrift I love has free bins at the back of their regular bins and I am constantly finding great stuff. I filled the back of the truck half full one New Years Eve and it sold for over $600. The single most valuable item I have picked out of the free bin (same place) was a new cow Gund baby lovey. $50. I wish I was brave enough to go dumpster diving, but I think SweetiePie would make me sleep in the garage if he found out I hit the dumpsters.

  7. My husband found a brand new pair of women's size 10 Ugg boots in the trash at his renter's place. I think the daughter got them for Christmas and didn't want them (they get gifts from churches and other organizations). My daughter listed them on eBay for $20 with no reserve and they sold for $95. The buyer was happy.

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