Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28/15 Update

Hope your eBay week is going well. I had a decent past seven days. My most notable sale was this needlepoint stocking kit. I paid $3 at Family Thrift.
Sold for $100 F/S
The buyer is also a seller and consistently sells stocking kits for $275!!! I'm not going to share the store name but you can easily find it through searching. In the past month she's sold 13 stocking kits in the $90-$225 range, and dozens more in the $40 range. I'm totally impressed!! I wonder where she found them all. If you're the owner of that store and by the craziest chance in the world reading this blog I'd love to hear about where you source your items!
I continued to run several auctions this week. I'm planning on continuing that through the summer.
 This suit sold for $44 on auction.
Tops in uncommon sizes to really well.
White Stag Denim Dress
Sold $14.99
pay by the pound at GWO (probably a dollarish)
Not a huge sale but I find denim dresses sell really consistently - and the brand White Stag (a Wal-Mart brand) is also popular on eBay.
Let me know how your sales have been going!


  1. I would love to know WHO is buying these kits! They must be the most patient crafters. I can't imagine starting one, much less finishing one. But I bet once you do, it's very gratifying!

  2. Those Bucilla and Dimensions stocking kits seem to do really well. It amazes me how much they sell for!

  3. WOWZA!!! Way to go on the stocking kit. I haven't found one...yet ;)
    Also what brand was that bathing suit?

  4. Wow! $100! Yay for you! That's awesome!