Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday CABIN FEVER EDITION 3/1/2015

This is my second attempt and writing an intro for this post. The original started out with a bunch of complaining. Instead of that, this picture sums it all up:

Some decent sales this week. I grossed just under $300. And hey, it's MARCH TODAY! I've officially been eBaying for one year!!!

This mirror sold for $47
It's got silvering and is distressed. Paid $5 at an estate sale.

This with tags Air Force uniform skirt said "1997" in the tag.
Paid $.40, Sold $21

Pyrex buffet chop plate sold best offer $10
Got it at the GWO awhile back. 

Well those were some pretty boring sales huh?

I might being losing TRS next month due to tracking not being uploaded on time (I'm at 87%). I'll probably try to call eBay and fight this one because it is all mother nature's fault. I'm sure the majority of those have been in the past two and a half weeks. 

That's all for today! 


  1. Congratulations on your ebayversary!

  2. Great sale on the mirror. You are brave - I would be skeeeerd to ship! Nice chunk o change for a c-c-c-c-c-cold week!

    This week was a repeat of last week - worked from home because of the snow. I got my thrift fix on my lunch hour on Tue before the snow got serious. I found a NIB vintage warming tray. It was mint - never used - cord still wrapped with original twistee - and had all the paperwork. Adorable pattern. But I put it back when I did the research. It was priced at 12.98 and they sell for that or less on eBay. I found some smalls, including a cute little box of Paddington Bear bookplates and a Pendleton wool scarf in grody condition but I couldn't leave it behind for 99 cents. I also picked up a copper color canister set that looked like it was from the 60s/70s that I will have a hard time parting with, but I will eventually.

    I sold my last roll of the lot of wallpaper border that I had for $45. I was pondering a best offer of $32 and when I got the full offer. Now I have nada for sale and I have until tomorrow to take advantage of the eBay store offer trial.

    Someone on the 757 Etsy group asked if there was any interest in participating in an Etsy Craft Party in June. Sounds like fun.

  3. congrats on the year! Oh I *love* that picture!

  4. Lucy sums it up quite nicely. Happy ebayversary!! (there is such a word, Nancy said so....) I have had cabin fever all last week and we still have snow on the ground. Looking forward to 60+ degrees on Wed and I am planning my escape.