Monday, March 2, 2015

Blogging Break

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and while I love eBay, and enjoy reading other blogs, my blog has been feeling like an obligation. I need a blogging break.

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I mentioned yesterday feeling grumpy starting out writing my intro. I felt like it was more than just the weather bothering me, and today I heard these very wise words: "Stop Trying to Do It All"
So, for now the blog is something I'm eliminating from my all.  

I've been writing FanFiction for fun, and working on a podcast (This Is 30 Podcast) that will hopefully be available on iTunes soon. My friend Karen and I have just recently started podcasting. It has been a lot of fun, and a HUGE learning curve. If you listen please be aware the sound quality starts off pretty poor - but by the most recent episode (6) I've finally learned/tackled Audacity. (There is some swearing in the podcast if you have little ones around).

Thank you all for your comments and support!!! 
I'll certainly still be around reading and commenting or 
if you need to get in touch comment on this post and I will get an email. 


  1. Enjoy your break and come back renewed and refreshed. My daughter is into FanFiction and some of the ones that she has read and tell me about are very interesting. Have fun, life is too short to do things that are boring. I say this after spending my life doing what other people expected me to do. Done with that!!!

  2. Sounds like you have some exciting things going on. Agree with Annabel above. Good luck with them and see you around!

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!? I'm going to be very selfish here and echo Lucy in your previous post - this is bullshit! I enjoy reading your blog and will miss it very much. When I'm done, I click on your blog list and read several of those too.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, you need a break, you're overwhelmed, you want to do something creative. But what about us?!

    OK - get some rest. See you in two weeks?!

  4. awww I'm going to miss your posts :( but I'm with you if you no longer enjoy doing it and its not necessary dump it! I don't listen to podcasts but I hope at some point you will come back and blog!