Monday, March 2, 2015

Blogging Break

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and while I love eBay, and enjoy reading other blogs, my blog has been feeling like an obligation. I need a blogging break.

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I mentioned yesterday feeling grumpy starting out writing my intro. I felt like it was more than just the weather bothering me, and today I heard these very wise words: "Stop Trying to Do It All"
So, for now the blog is something I'm eliminating from my all.  

I've been writing FanFiction for fun, and working on a podcast (This Is 30 Podcast) that will hopefully be available on iTunes soon. My friend Karen and I have just recently started podcasting. It has been a lot of fun, and a HUGE learning curve. If you listen please be aware the sound quality starts off pretty poor - but by the most recent episode (6) I've finally learned/tackled Audacity. (There is some swearing in the podcast if you have little ones around).

Thank you all for your comments and support!!! 
I'll certainly still be around reading and commenting or 
if you need to get in touch comment on this post and I will get an email. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday CABIN FEVER EDITION 3/1/2015

This is my second attempt and writing an intro for this post. The original started out with a bunch of complaining. Instead of that, this picture sums it all up:

Some decent sales this week. I grossed just under $300. And hey, it's MARCH TODAY! I've officially been eBaying for one year!!!

This mirror sold for $47
It's got silvering and is distressed. Paid $5 at an estate sale.

This with tags Air Force uniform skirt said "1997" in the tag.
Paid $.40, Sold $21

Pyrex buffet chop plate sold best offer $10
Got it at the GWO awhile back. 

Well those were some pretty boring sales huh?

I might being losing TRS next month due to tracking not being uploaded on time (I'm at 87%). I'll probably try to call eBay and fight this one because it is all mother nature's fault. I'm sure the majority of those have been in the past two and a half weeks. 

That's all for today!