Monday, February 23, 2015

Sum in Up Sumonday 2/23/15

I'm going to complain for a second... This weather has been horrible and I AM SICK OF IT. We were cooped up all week. Serious cabin fever has set in, and I found my normal generalized anxiety through the roof. I was going nuts! I'd love to hear I wasn't the only one so please commiserate with me in the comments:)

Here was the post office this past Wednesday. 
I live at the beach, and there is maybe two plows to be had in a 100 mile radius.
School was closed all week, but my poor postman was here everyday (literally risking life and limb).
I gave him some homemade chocolate chip cookies, which upon re-reading the above sentence seems a little lame.

I only listed once this week. It was Thursday night and I sold a bunch Fri and Sat, proving the more you list the more you sell once again.
Before that was slow. Like didn't sell one thing for two days slow. I grossed about $250. 

On to some sales from the week:

TI Business Analyst paid $2 sold $14.99 in two days.
I'm still selling calculators very regularly. They are on my guaranteed quick sale list now.

Copper Tea Kettle paid $2 or $3 sold $24.00 overnight

Palm Tree Silver plate Candle Sticks
Paid $2 sold on sale for $16.99
From here at the beach to someone in Vermont which I really got a kick out of.

Here is sending WARM weather wishes your way!!! 
If it's hot where you are I'd love to hear about it. Just don't rub it in:)


  1. You and me both!!! Long story short, I ended up working from home Tue-Fri because I couldn't get out of my driveway. My neighborhood streets were sheets of ice. My little car can't take it and I truly feel like it's a coffin when I drive in the snow in this area. I was all set to thrift on Sat but my streets were STILL icy. And Sun was a lost cause - I was coming off The Good Wife marathon and was emotionally drained. I made up for it and went thrifting on my lunch hour today and then after work. You missed nothing - DAV & CHKD were bare. I think everyone had cabin fever and wiped them out this weekend. I did see a McCoy Spice Delight small pitcher at the DAV but I didn't feel like paying $6.98 for it. And I'm insane for wanting to thrift because I KNOW I'm not going to list any time soon. There is something very wrong with me.

    I did sell some wallpaper border for $60 - was delivered this morning - haven't received feedback yet. It was the last of my handful of listings. Gotta list something this weekend!

    Anyhoo - great sales for you! And what a sweet thing to do for your postal person! I think one of the high schools - maybe Cox - had a flea market - did you go?

    1. No I didn't venture out much either.

      I went to DAV and Best Thrift today and they were both totally picked over. I got a few things, but no huge scores.


    2. I was going to go thrifting at CHKD (texting Tuesday!) after work but as you know it's been steadily snowing and at the last minute just went home because it's too dangerous with all the ignormas$holes driving out there. Do they really trust my brakes to work in this weather when they cut me off?!

      It's a very pretty snow but this area just can't handle it. My street is already a sheet of ice.

      And what do I come home to - my beau grilling chicken out in the snow LOL!

    3. awwww good for him!!! It took my husband 2 hours to get home (normally 30 min)...
      Yes, this is a pretty snow but IM SO SICK OF IT.
      I tested my breaks on the way home at 530 and was skidding on my street too. And yes, this area just cant handle the snow.

  2. I'm with you as far as weather. Cold here too. I think cookies for your postal carrier is awesome! How kind of you.

  3. We had weather in the 70s over the weekend and then it plummeted down to the 40s yesterday. Not horrible when I compare it with the polar vortex winter last year when we had snow and ice and everything shut down here for 3 days. Northern Alabama had some nasty weather yesterday. I guess the whole country is really sick of this winter and the cold temps too. We had some high winds over the weekend that caused power lines to fall which caused power outages and some fires in the area. So between that and roofs falling in up north, this is becoming a very dangerous winter.

  4. I live in the Midwest, so I'm used to the cold and snow, but I'm really sick of it, too. I want spring!!! We received 9 inches of snow last Friday night, and we're supposed to get another 4-6 by the end of the weekend :(

  5. This is a reminder of how much I appreciate living in the Pacific Northwest. It hasn't snowed here all winter (usually we get a week or two worth of snow sometime during the winter). Last week was sunny in the 60s, and felt like spring. We're back to rain today, but compared to the snow you all have to deal with, you certainly won't hear me complaining!