Monday, February 23, 2015

Sum in Up Sumonday 2/23/15

I'm going to complain for a second... This weather has been horrible and I AM SICK OF IT. We were cooped up all week. Serious cabin fever has set in, and I found my normal generalized anxiety through the roof. I was going nuts! I'd love to hear I wasn't the only one so please commiserate with me in the comments:)

Here was the post office this past Wednesday. 
I live at the beach, and there is maybe two plows to be had in a 100 mile radius.
School was closed all week, but my poor postman was here everyday (literally risking life and limb).
I gave him some homemade chocolate chip cookies, which upon re-reading the above sentence seems a little lame.

I only listed once this week. It was Thursday night and I sold a bunch Fri and Sat, proving the more you list the more you sell once again.
Before that was slow. Like didn't sell one thing for two days slow. I grossed about $250. 

On to some sales from the week:

TI Business Analyst paid $2 sold $14.99 in two days.
I'm still selling calculators very regularly. They are on my guaranteed quick sale list now.

Copper Tea Kettle paid $2 or $3 sold $24.00 overnight

Palm Tree Silver plate Candle Sticks
Paid $2 sold on sale for $16.99
From here at the beach to someone in Vermont which I really got a kick out of.

Here is sending WARM weather wishes your way!!! 
If it's hot where you are I'd love to hear about it. Just don't rub it in:)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday 2/15/15

I hope that you're all keeping warm! Today is the coldest day of the year so far here in Virginia Beach, and we're cuddled up inside. It is very sunny and very windy today. The temperature is 20 degrees, and the "Real Feel" is -6! That is COLD for the beach! I really am getting tired of winter. I'm ready to lay in the sand and go swimming.

On the eBay front this was a much lower dollar week than last, I grossed under $300. But that is the ebb and flow of eBay, maybe with the long weekend today and tomorrow will be high dollar days.

These slate trivets (made in Maine) sold for $30 this week. 
I paid either $1/$2 each I can't remember.

This vintage Oregon Ducks hat sold for $35 I paid less than $2
I picked it up the week AFTER they were in the National Championship, I'm sure I could have gotten more. Their coach signed a 17 million dollar deal this week. I joked with my husband that the coach probably bought the hat. 

My dad and step-mom sold this Starbucks mug this week for $40. 
What a lucky find!

Stay warm today, and I'd love to hear about your week and the weather in your area in the comments!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday 2/8/2015

This was a steady week on the eBay front. I made about $550 but I have a $150 unpaid item case open so that brings me down considerably. Cross your fingers that the buyer pays!

Horner Michigan 100% wool Vintage blanket
I shouldn't have bought this blanket, because I bought it online for $40 I thought I would get at least $200 for it, but realized that this brand doesn't bring as much as some
I resold it for $85 and am happy with that.

Picnic Basket shaped locket with ship
paid $1 at a yard sale, sold for $22.50

This Last Supper framed print sold for $28
I paid $6 (I think)
I LOVE the frame on this piece.

Just a quick one today.
How was your week?

Friday, February 6, 2015

December 2014 & January 2015 Money

December Money

# of Sales

Amount spent on new inventory
I went on a shopping spree in December when I realized I was only going to profit a few hundred dollars for the year. I bought lots of packing supplies etc, to write off for taxes. I owed no taxes this year.. so yes on paper I made no money. I'm looking forward to paying lots of taxes this year!

Amount of Sales

Avg Sale Price

Highest sold item
Silver plate flatware set $113

Lowest Sold Item
$5 Iron on t-shirt decal

January Money

# of Sales

Amount spent on new inventory

Amount of Sales

Avg Sale Price

Highest sold item
Car Part $325

Lowest Sold Item
$3.75 Fisher Price Recycling Truck replacement parts
Our toy truck was broken, so I sold some of the accessories

I've finally reached my tipping point after getting the office where I am making money again. This business has never been in the red, but the past two months (Nov & Dec) broke even, January actually had a profit, and my goal is for every month moving forward to be profitable again. The office did set me back for the initial two months I had it, as I suspected, but having it is invaluable because I would not have been able to grow my numbers without the space it affords.