Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday

This week was spent recovering from the past six weeks of holidays, traveling, commitments, and obligations. It was nice to have a week home to relax - and catch up on eBay.

Sales were not fantastic, I made under $400 this week. But I got LOTS of work done, went through (and listed) a bunch of miscellaneous flatware I had accumulated, and photographed a bunch of inventory.

I thrifted several times this week, and hit up an estate sale yesterday. I found a NOS OEM Distributor Cap, which I hope will make me a few hundred dollars. Thanks to my husband I now know what OEM means, and that folks who restore vintage vehicles will pay big bucks for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.

The estate had a garage and two workshops just full of old dusty stuff, I threw a bunch of stuff in a box and paid $20 for it. It was mostly stuff that was out of the norm for me. Hopefully it pays off, one of these sold in October for $599.

I sold these US Army Vintage Mess Kit Forks and Spoons for $29.99 within a day of listing
Other sellers had these listed as WWII era, I didn't know if mine were so I just said vintage, and priced them like the others which had WWII in the title. I paid $1.80.

I bought and sold two calculators this week.
LeWorld temperature converting calculator
A small flip but I bought it for $.75 because it had white numbers
Sold for $9.99

The next day I bought this TI84-Plus Silver Edition in hot pink for $13
I know, $13! but I had a good feeling about it.

Sold overnight for $69.99

I've mentioned before that I collect "Spice of Life" kitchen items. I was checking out the Replacements page for this pattern to see what I have yet to find. Turns out my collection is only a very small fraction of what is available. I would love to find the sugar shaker.

I'll leave you with one garbage find. My husband and I found this watch in the trash on our street. There was also five bottles of Shiner Bock beer (along with some other gross food stuffs). We left the beer and rotten food but took the watch. 

CASIO G-Shock Listed for $30
The strap had come unattached, and the wonderful owner of the Time Machine fixed it at no charge. I've taken a few watches to him to replace the batteries, and he charges a flat $5 - I highly recommend him to any locals. 

Have you had luck selling calculators? What about watches? What is your strategy at estate sales? I like to find a bunch of un-priced items and buy them in a lot. I'd love to hear how your eBay week was.

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  1. Super nice flips!

    Because of my day job, I'm usually not there the first day of an estate sale if they start it on a Friday. But I've had pretty good luck picking a few treasures on Saturdays but only if I'm there first thing.

    Estate sales strategies? I like to check the yard for treasures - sometimes there are overlooked items - I've found cool old ladders, garden figurines, old nautical rope, garden tools, etc.