Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sum It Up Sunday 2/1/15

Here's a little relief if like me you're going to be stuck watching football all day!

This week was very good and really made up for the slow previous weeks this month. I had a $325 sale, the engine part I mentioned a few weeks ago. That sale really upped my total for the week. Even without that sale it still would have been a good week, because I grossed just over $900. My store was on sale 15% off everything, which seemed to work wonders on my sales. I also took lots of reasonable best offers. I think people are finally feeling flush again after the holidays and ready to spend some money.

Pottery Barn Kids Embroidered Toddler Backpack
Paid $3 sold for $16

Jesus Knocking at the Door Brass/Light up Frame
paid $6 sold for $28

Beaba Baby Food Maker
paid $8 sold for $37

Carhartt Distressed Vest
paid $6 sold for $34

Complete Crewel Winter Scene
paid $5 sold for $30 without the frame

Ivory Lamberton Scammell for Bloomingdale Bros. Inc. 
This plate was one of the very first items I bought to sell on eBay. I paid $.20 for it last March. 
It finally sold this week for $4. This is a wonderful example of how much I have learned over the past eleven months of reselling. My description was terrible, and I had flat $5 shipping on it! Thank goodness it fit in a padded envelope because someone in California bought it and it was going to cost 
$11. I thought I'd mention it as an example of what not to do for anyone just starting out. 

Did you notice an uptick in sales this week? Hope you're staying warm.. I'm not!

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