Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday 1/25/15

This week I was tired of slow sales, so I put my whole store on sale 15% off, and added best offer to every listing (even the cheap ones). Sales and offers quickly proceeded, which was nice. I took lots low offers on the cheap stuff, and I happy see it go! Lots of it has been sitting in my inventory for way too long. I want my average item price to increase so it's nice to get rid of the $8 items. 

The following three sales where items that I purchased and listed this week. They all sold within a day or two. Proof that my eye for what will resell easily has gotten much better. Many items that I sourced when I first started eBay are still sitting there, while these moved quickly.

Special Forces Green Beret
Sold for best offer of $25, Paid $6

Wooden inlay clipboard
Sold for $21 paid $2

Pair of baskets sold for $30 paid $4

These cards sold on etsy for $6 plus shipping

Hope you all had a great week. I'm publishing this one a little early.


  1. Love the baskets and the clipboard. It's true that our eye gets trained to see the better stuff. Why do I still keep having a hard time passing by the mugs...

    1. Nancy, you and me both. It's for the off chance that you may find a rare Starbucks mug. Hey, it could happen! :-)

    2. I hear you all about the mugs.. I have million listed it seems like. But I do sell them fairly regularly so that feeds the habit.

  2. Those vintage invitations are so cute!

  3. Love the baskets. I'm doing a lot of decluttering so I don't think I would sell them. They are awesome!