Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday 1/18/15

Post Christmas sales have not been great, but I also have not put much time into eBay this week, as meetings, appointments, illness, and every day life took precedence. That is the great thing about being an eBay seller; I can take the time off I need without reporting to anyone else.

Here are a few notable sales from this week:

Vintage Woolrich Vest
paid $7 sold $45
I've had this listed for awhile, and decided to list it on etsy too. I hadn't listed anything on etsy in months but thought maybe the folks over there would appreciate this vest as much as I did. It sold the next day on eBay! Hah, go figure.

Our Lady of Fatima Figurine
Sold $21, paid $1?
I had to do some research on this - I started by googling "virgin Mary spring children" or something of the sort and quickly found the story of Our Lady of Fatima

Waechtersbach W Germany Chess Mug
Paid $.45, Sold $24.99

How was your week? 


  1. Sales have been steady for me. Love that mug!

  2. Nice sale on that figurine. Did you pick it up because it was religious? Some people do amazingly well selling all kinds of figurines (animals, etc.). But I get cross-eyed in that section. It all kind of looks like junk. LOL

    1. I did. I picked it up after reading Clamco blogs post about selling religious (mostly Catholic) items. This piece was in perfect condition, no little chips, and was less than $2, so I went for it.