Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sum it Up Sunday 1/11/14

I made under $400 again this week. Another week of low sales, with a day of no sales mixed in. I sold two calculators again, and have defiantly added them to my thrifting radar. I got a bunch of stuff cleaned up and put away at the office which had been overwhelming me, so that felt good. I have a new inventory system in place for all my flatware, which is really going to help me in the long run. I got a HUGE lot off Cragislist for $25, which was the catalyst for the new system.

These GATES Deerskin leather mitten/gloves sold for $19.99 - I paid $1.50
I'd never seen anything like these before
Mittens on the outside/Gloves on the inside

This silver plate set sold for $50.00
It was in a box with another set, I paid $25 for all. The other box sold two weeks ago for $112. so that's a gross profit of $137. I have to admit I had forgotten about this lot, and had not listed it although having it for several months. It sold in two days.

I only profited $10 off this calculator, but they are proving to be quick and consistent cash.
This is a financial calculator. There were several others listed, but I was the only one that put "taxes" in my title. Sold in one hour of listing.

I'm continuing to put all my resources back into the business. I'm getting my things for taxes ready. I'm a tax nerd, and always do them myself.. this may be the first year I hire someone since I'm feeling a bit over my head with the small business taxes. 

How has your week been? Has the weather been cold where you are?


  1. The week was slow, but things picked a up a bit over this weekend. Sales have been way down since the week before Christmas. Hoping for an uptick soon.

    1. Yea, I keep listing but it's hard to stay motivated with out the cha-ching

  2. Just found your blog :). Definitely a slow week here as well! Im also right there with you on the taxes, I think I'm also a bit over my head this year since I have expanded a lot since last year. Might be time for a professional to take over for me!

  3. How do you do your taxes? I've been doing mine (and some other ones) for over 15 years. I used to help out a tax preparer a long time ago. He used to always use the TurboTax Home & Business edition for all his clients. From what I've read and been told, they update theirs every single year with all the new tax laws, etc.and the software takes you through every possible scenario. I have a business outside of ebay and use the Home & Business edition too. You'd be fine with it. For me, the overwhelming part is the bookkeeping for both businesses. If I was up to date on my bookkeeping every month..instead of once a year?! ;)

    1. I do use Turbotax, I use godaddybookeeping which. I just spent about an hour starting on the turbotax home and business, thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I've used Turbotax as far back as I can remember and love it.

  4. Slow work weeks are among the most frustrating things to deal with. Slow is, of course, another way of saying "revenue crash". A bit of planning the quarters out in advance helps with dealing with cash drop-offs. I know no one can predict how low a crash can do, but past performance can be a good indicator.

    Meghan Payne @ Denver Book Keeping Service