Monday, December 22, 2014

Two Week Summary + Garbage Haul

The past two weeks have been pretty crazy. Getting ready for the trip out west, and getting settled again and ready for Christmas has kept me busy. I put my store on vacation while we were in Colorado, and I'm glad I did, as I did not have good service out there.

I had some small sales despite the vacation mode. Here are some highlights over the past two weeks:

This nativity was missing Joseph. I listed it as "you choose one" 
One of the wise men sold for $7.95

I paid $1 for this shell planter at a yard sale earlier this fall. 
It sold for $49.99

There were no other OLIVIA clocks listed. This one sold for a best offer of $29
The cat ticks back and forth with the seconds. Very cute.

The second of The Office mugs sold for $14.95, this one featuring Ed Helms

I paid $.25 for this true vintage 1970's polyester shirt on 
Black Friday at a church thrift store in PA.
Sold $18.99

In other news, we have a new family member:
This is Jazz (she was already named Jasmine, but we are calling her Jazz). 
She's an 11 month old German Shepherd. I'm reading Cesar Millan's books Cesar's Way and Be the Pack Leader, I bought both for "a penny". We're her third (and forever) family. Loki the cat is NOT pleased, but hopefully he will adjust quickly.

While out walking her tonight I came across a big trash pile in front of a newly empty house. I noticed a Play Station 2 on top, and three bikes that seemed to only need air in the tires. I told my husband, and he went back with the truck, and got quite the load:
Two pairs of Jordans (one with the box, which is great for authenticating), Nike Soccer Cleats, a PS2, a PS3, two "Clappers" (like Clap on Clap Off), as well as a fan my husband is keeping, a kids wagon, and the three bikes (which he will fix and sell on CL). What the heck! I felt like Martin from Things I Find in the Garbage, alternately sad about what we perceive as trash, and excited for the dollar signs I saw from each item. We have not tested the Play Stations yet. I will keep you updated on this haul. I foresee a lot more garbage picking in my dog walking future.  


  1. Jazz is a beauty! And I love the name Loki for a cat. Great trash haul. Amazing what people throw away! Good luck with all of it.
    PS: Thanks for having me on your blog roll. I just added you to mine! :-)

    1. Thank you! Loki was named at the shelter, but we too loved the name and it stuck.

  2. beautiful dog! I can't believe someone would throw out playstations :/ The playstation 2s I buy every chance i get and sell within 2 weeks usually for $37.95. I would think the PS3 would be a good $100 or more :/ regardless thats a great free haul!

    1. I sold my husband's old PS2 - I guess people think they're obsolete, but really they are far from it. I'll take $37 out of the trash any day.

  3. Jazz is beautiful! Our first dog was Abby- part German Shepard, part Chow. She was a great dog, as I'm sure Jazz is, too. They love their families and are very protective.
    And great finds from the garbage. I can't believe the things people will just throw out.

    1. Thank you, she is very sweet. I was nervous about our youngest bothering her while she ate. So I started pulling on her mouth and ears (gently of course) while she was eating to test her, she didn't even flinch! I was more nervous than her haha.

  4. Awwwwwwwwww - I love a German Shepherd - protective and intelligent! Sounds like you've made the commitment since you said Jazz has found her forever home - good for you!! Her picture is great - she looks inquisitive and in charge at the same time!

    What a great haul!! And the timing was great - before all the rain!! I cannot tell you how funky I felt going out on Tue in the 70 degree rain knowing it was Dec! Not that I was complaining - it should have been 45 degrees.

    I started shopping Monday, ended yesterday, celebrated today with family and now it's almost over! Another wonderful Christmas!

  5. It's crazy what people throw away. I'm in Chicago and there's a girl here that dumpster dives and sells on ebay. She finds some amazing stuff. Have you heard of her?

    1. thanks for the link - I love seeing those kinds of finds, I love to read the blog in my side bar "Things I Find in the Garbage" - he makes a full time living out of trash picking.