Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trip in Pictures

We made it back late last night from our trip to Colorado. Here's the trip in photos.

Here is the RV we rented for $24/day through Cruise America - it was a deal where we drove a newly refurbished RV from the refurbishment center is Phoenix to Salt Lake City. We had 6 nights to make the trip any night after that was $99. The RV was great for traveling because normally we rent a car and get a hotel room. We couldn't afford that this year, and this worked out nicely. We paid about $300 for the RV, and $150 to park it at a KOA in Colorado, we also paid for gas which was about $250 (Gas was $2.05 in Colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

 Somewhere in AZ
 These are all cell phone pictures (LG G3)
It's amazing to me that phones can take such great pictures.

This church was actually a thrift store, in Dolores, CO. Any fellow Seinfeld fans will know that it was impossible for me not to yell "DOLORES" every time I saw a sign for the town. I got a beautiful Ralph Lauren Safari Outfitters barn jacket for $8 there. I'm planning on listing it for $100. It is in a FedEx box on the way here now...

The above two photos were from a Habitat ReStore in Grand Junction, CO
I LOVED how they upcycled some belts for their knife display. And look at all those beautiful lighting fixtures.

This western store was going out of business. They were selling all their inventory 30% off.
They should just sell it on eBay for full price. I didn't buy anything but I got high on leather fumes.

Some road shots:

The morning we were leaving we passed these wind turbines in Utah.

I shipped three boxes back via FedEx, they should be here Saturday and I'll get to listing my western finds!


  1. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a great time and might make enough back in thrift finds to pay for that vacation :)

  2. Wow - time flew by - can't believe you are back already! What a fun trip. Can't wait to see the goodies!

  3. Wow, that was a deal for a great vacation! I love the idea of renting an RV..wish it could hold 5 people! :) We haven't had a real vacation with our family yet..we only go to like the surrounding states and it's usually just weekend trips or staying with family. How much do you think it would have cost without the RV rental?

    1. That RV "slept up to six". That's two people in each bed - but NOT comfortably, haha.

      My husband and I ran the numbers and estimate we saved about $650 doing it that way. It was really nice not to have to go to a hotel, carry our luggage around etc. In fact, I packed our bags while we were driving to the airport! (Technically I should have been buckled).

    2. Wow, that's awesome. I had no clue it's so inexpensive. I think I see a road trip in our near future. That's awesome. Especially with the lower gas prices. I'm so glad you posted this. Thanks!

    3. Yes because we did the one way deal it was much cheaper. To rent regularly is 100/for the size we got. But they have them leaving from all over for. the deal if you check out the link.