Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 12/6/14

This was a busy week. I spent lots of time getting through some backlog, enough that I felt caught up enough to do some sourcing Saturday. I stopped by an estate sale, and Family Thrift Center. I had a couple really slow days last week. But overall sold 21 items for $425, and average of $20/each. Much like the previous week, I did not have any big sales, but rather smaller ones that added up.

Vintage SEARS porcelain nativity 
I paid $2.99!! at Thrift Store City - It had over 10 watchers when it finally sold. I usually don't pay attention to watchers, but I was like okay over ten, come on one of you must seriously want to buy this thing! Finally someone did for $39.99

True vintage 1950's child size rabbit fur muff
Sold for $20 over night, I paid $1 on Black Friday at a thrift store in PA.

Mindy Kaling/Kelly Kapoor Dunder Mifflin Coffee Mug
I picked up this mug because I sold a Community Troy and Abed mug months ago for $40, I just checked recent completeds and its going for more like $20 now, still BOLO... anyways, I immediately grabbed this mug, and it's companion mug featuring Andy/Ed Helms.
I paid $.65 each, this one sold for $14.95 this week

I got this crewel textile art wall hanging for $5 on Black Friday at Goodwill in PA.
I took a best offer of $25. The buyer and I went back and forth, and I could tell she really wanted it, so I let it go for a $20 profit. I have two others listed.

Speaking of vintage art I sold my first paint by numbers piece this week
Sold for $29.99, paid $3 at Thrift Store USA a couple months ago

Overall I'm not feeling a huge difference in the fourth quarter. It seems steady to me, and my sales reflect what I have been listing, much like the rest of the year (aside from August)..
We're going to Colorado later this week and my store and blog will be on vacation. I think I am going to actually put my store on vacation for the 6 days we'll be gone, and not just extend shipping time. I don't know when we will have WiFi, and I will not have much cell service, so I'd rather not be held responsible for not answering questions quickly, etc.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love the colors in that crewel piece. My sales have been steady as well. I was pleased to get another Bonanza sale and another etsy sale. Have a nice week in Colorado.

  2. Awww - I'll miss your blog. Have a great time out West. Not sure if you'll be in same area but wouldn't it be funny if you ran into Maxine at the GW outlet!