Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 12/28/14

The few days before Christmas were slow, but Christmas and the past couple days have had some good sales. I grossed $597 this week, on 16 items, that's an average of $37/item, my highest to date. That high average is due to a couple hundred dollar sales. One being a set of silver plate flatware I mentioned a while back, and another being a TomTom GPS watch that my husband bought on clearance but ended up sticking with his old one.  Here are some interesting sales from this week:

Jakks Pacific Night Vision Goggles
Paid $1 at y/s Sold $55

Pyrex Happy Holidays employee appreciation gift 
I got this in PA over Thanksgiving, there is a nearby Pyrex factory
Paid $2, sold $30

I paid $1.50 for this sealed set of two Stephen King mass market paper back books, they were first edition paper backs, including The Stand uncut for the first time.
Sold for $25

And if I haven't convinced you there is money in stainless steel flatware yet:
I paid $1.50 for this set of baby flatware
Sold for $25

Just a short one today, still recovering from Colorado and Christmas.
I'd love to hear how your post Christmas sales are going!

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