Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 11/9/14

I made over $650 this week! Whoohoo. There's rent for the month. I only sold 21 items, so that's an average of over $30 an item. I'm very happy about that as that is a goal I've steadily been working towards.

I spent the week listing and thrifting, and getting the office set up - it's still a work in progress. For now I have left my old inventory in the eBay closet and I taken the overflow to the office. Everything I'm thrifting is going straight there. Lately while thrifting I'm focusing on items that will get me 30+ dollars even if I have to pay $5 or $6 for them. I still can't pass up something I know will make me a quick ten bucks though like this Titleist Hat:

Profited about $10 on this hat within one day.
This photo was taken in the new office space. What do you think?

This classic Pooh watch sold for $29.99
I had the battery replaced for $5, and paid $3 at a yard sale

                             I've said it before and I'll say it again; I LOVE selling flatware!
Retroneu Kent Flatware Lot - Sold $99 F/S
I rarely do free shipping, but this went in a flat rate envelope.
Funny enough I sold 4 pcs of this same pattern earlier in the same day for $37
I paid $10 so that's a $121 profit before fees

Please comment if you have ventured into selling flatware, I'd love to hear about some little known or foreign makers to be on the lookout for- and if you're unsure about selling flatware but think you might like it to try it, check out the Recycle-ista's three part series on "Flippin' Flatware".

A few weeks ago I came across a huge lot of decoy "blanks" 
(unpainted raw wooden duck decoys)
They were $6.98 each, and I bought about 10 of them, a few had some flaws and only sold for $15ish. Three sold this week for a total of $73
Duck decoys are hot and highly collected, unfortunately everyone knows that - especially the estate sale companies and thrift store managers and they are always expensive. I guess since the ones I found were blank they priced them lower.

I feel like all those pictures were pretty boring. So here is my favorite find of the week for some eye candy... I found this BEAUTIFUL painting at DAV. Once it sells I'll tell you how much I paid. It's very striking. The depth. The vibrant white snow. I love it. If I lived in the mountains and not at the beach it would have a place in my home. 

We're taking advantage of the holiday Tuesday and heading out of town today for a few days. I'm extending my handling time on my store, but luckily since Tuesday Nov 11th is a postal holiday it will not really matter. Let me know how your week was!! 


  1. I've dabbled in flatware but not enough to really know anything. Congratulations on your great sales week and meeting your goals!

  2. Congrats on the sales!!! I buy flatware pieces for myself that I think are different. I can't resist a tiny spoon or appetizer forks! I don't know what I'll do with them - my collection is very random. And I may have bought some subconsciously to sell. But most of what I find is in very well worn condition - most pieces look like they were scrubbed with steel wool. Are buyers willing to overlook this to complete their sets? The flatware you showed looks to be in excellent condition. And what are your thought on photographing - frustrating or fine?

    1. I think that most buyers just want to fill out their set. If a pattern is 50 years old all the pieces will look worn, but they are evenly worn and will probably match the ones they already have at home. I just note it in the description "the flatware shows normal signs of use" - I never buy any that has disposal damage. The pattern I showed is newer and they were in excellent condition.

      As far as photographing them, I just put them on something flat and make sure to get a good close up of any details so if they don't know the name of their pattern they can match it.

  3. Congrats on all of your sales and making rent!!! :)