Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 11/23/14

This was a good week of steady sales. I made about $670 on 23 sales, about $29/sale so I am happy with that. I sold quite a bit of flatware - $95 on 20 pieces or $4.75/utensil. I think people are trying to fill out their sets for the holidays, but I haven't been selling flatware for a whole year, so I can't say for sure. Someone did message me explaining they needed the flatware because when she got divorced her husband literally took half of everything including the flatware. Geesh.

JA Henckels Classico teaspoons
Paid less than $2 Sold for $29.99

It took a solid 15 minutes of research to figure out this toy. 
It is Rancor from Star Wars, I am not going to pretend I know or understand anything else about this guy. He sold for $18.99 to a buyer in Canada. I got him in a big lot of Star Wars toys and Lego. I paid $4 for the lot and kept most of it for the kids.

This cap sold for $15.99 to a buyer in Hong Kong. I paid $2ish.
It's not a huge sale, but I'm mentioning it because it sold through GSP - there were maybe ten of the same hat listed at the same time for less money, but I charged more for min                           e because I was the only one that listed it using the words Commanding Officer - which is what the yellow on the brim indicates.

I had two yards of this true vintage 1995 Power Rangers fabric and they both sold this week for a total of $28. I paid $2 at DAV

I did lots of listing this week, and my store now has over 500 items in it. I called eBay this week to get my selling limit raised. It was 650, now it is 1300. I got through to them on the phone quickly (5 min wait), and they raised the limit no problem. She just asked me if I drop ship - simple as that. I'm going to extend my shipping time when we go out of town this week for Thanksgiving. I will ship anything that sells after Tuesday on the following Monday. I also did lots of thrifting this week. My favorite find was this basket. 

How have your sales been this week? Any great thrift finds? 


  1. Great sales. I love the divorce story LOL. Thanks for the tip on the hat. My sales really picked up the last couple of days. I felt like santa claus with my bag of packages yesterday at the post office.

  2. Your average sale is great! The sales really add up and you are making good bank! Great thrifting finds too!