Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sum it Up Sunday 11/2/14

Hello November! I made about $480 this week. I had one return, and one refund that I am making USPS claim for. It was a mug that arrived broken - not in an envelope in fact it was in a box with bubble wrap and peanuts:/ I haven't refunded her yet because she has not provided me with the pictures. I am wondering if they are coming, because she mentioned something about how she had other one's that did not arrive broken. It sounded strange to me, like maybe the ol-switcher-oo so we will see.

It was a busy week like I mentioned in my last post. I'm dreading packing my 80+ mugs and breakables to bring to the new office. The clothes, bags and plush will not be a problem. Luckily I will not have to lug this typewriter too because it sold Saturday.

Smith Corona Manual (non-electric) typewriter
Paid $15, Sold $70
I let this listing expire four months ago and never relisted it... oops! 
I finally did relist it as GTC (like all my listings now) and it sold less than a week later! 
I'm going to have a shipping challenge with this one...

I sold this Ugly Christmas sweater for a reasonable best offer of $19.00 (asking $24)
Paid $4 - So ugly it's adorable

I paid $7 for this vintage Fisher Price Theater viewer
It sold this week for $34

My favorite sale of the week was this Berenstain Bears plush family
I paid about a $1 at a yard sale Sold for $36 (on sale from $45)
I LOVE the Berenstain bears, and so does the daughter of the lady who bought these. I'm happy they are going to someone who will love them, because they were one of the few items that I had a hard time getting rid of.

My average sale price is steadily going up which I'm very happy about. I started selling more Christmas ornaments this week and I expect that trend to continue. I'll be posting my October Money post soon.

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. Congratulations on your new office. Ryanne over at Scavenger Life did a video on how she packs a typewriter. It's on their site under videos. I've done a couple and they do provide a good workout. Those bears are really cute.

  2. Congratulations on the new office space. Hope it works out well. Looks like there is lots of room. Love that typewriter, but a shipping challenge!!