Monday, November 3, 2014

October Money

October Money
Numbers are rounded

# of Sales

Amount spent on new inventory

Amount of Sales

Avg Sale Price

Highest sold item
Cowboy Boots ($165)

Lowest Sold Item
Makers Mark Dog Tag ($3.99)

Last Month's Goal
Increase listings. Yes! I have over 430 listings now, and had gotten higher, but I had the good problem that items kept selling and bringing the number back down. I wanted to get my average sale price up over $20, but I am still happy with $17.

I always tell myself, if each item I sell is like an hour of work then I’m doing good making $17/hr! (Logically makes no sense to equate the two, but totally makes sense in my head)

November Goal
Seriously thrift like crazy, set up my office and list list list. I’m planning on putting most my money back into my business over the next two months as my big goal is to get to 1000+ items as quickly as possible now that I have the room to store it.


  1. woohoo! You had a fabulous month! If we are anything alike you will LOVE an office :D

  2. Do you have a store? I was considering upgrading to the next level (500 free listings), but wasn't sure if I'd use them all every month.

  3. Yes I do.. I recently upgraded from basic once I got over 400 listings it made more financial sense to have the 500 listings.

  4. Wow - the sales really do add up - what a great month! Nothing like getting motivated in your new space! Please show more photos as you get organized. Maybe I'll get inspired enough to stop sourcing and to fix up my own space that I can barely get in! I love sourcing so much that I overdo it. But that's only half the journey!