Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mug Drop Soup

Remember the egg drop from elementary school? When you bubble wrapped, taped and boxed your egg to come up with the best way to protect it in a fall? My Alma Mater does a famous Pumpkin Drop every fall too. 

Well after receiving this picture from a buyer who bought three mugs from me, I decide to do an experiment of my own.
How did mug three survive?

I'll be honest, I went into this thinking that lady was maybe pulling the ol' switcheroo. I've also heard many times that the flat rate envelope method is a terrible way to ship mugs. I have used mug boxes and the flat rate envelope method both many times. I've sold many many mugs as they are one of the small items with good margins I could fit in my eBay closet before I got my new space. These are the only two mugs that have arrived broken.

The above mugs shipped three together in a medium flat rate box. They shipped from VA to TX.
I thought I'd test some other ways of shipping single mugs while I was at it.
I'll let the pictures do the talking. But I will say I wrapped them all in two squares of bubble wrap and then newsprint.

These fleas disappear when the mug gets hot. Gross.

Now imagine all three of these packages being thrown enthusiastically by my son from the top of the car onto the asphalt below.

They all broke. Every single one. I was really hoping to be able to report that there was a superior way to ship mugs. But the reality is, if the post office is rough, any of the regular methods might not hold up.

If you REALLY don't want it to break you need to float it. 

What do you think?


  1. I always ship my single mugs wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box. I've never had a broken mug. I've always been suspicious of the flat rate mailer method.

  2. Forgot to say I also put a piece of cardboard at the top and bottom of the mug and fill the mug with peanuts.

  3. I too ship mugs in a box. Fill with peanuts, wrap in tissue, two squares of bubble wrap, wrapped one at a time. Fill void with shredded paper or peanuts. I've only had one problem and they arrived in California crazed(as in the glaze was cracked) I gave up on that one and just refunded. The one and only mug I shipped in a flat rate envelope arrived broken. Boxes are the only way I ship. Most of the time I cut a shoe box in half and ship that way

  4. i once received a returned parcel with a tyre track across it , not sure if it was the buyer or the post office......i didnt ask just refunded it

  5. For breakables, I like the "big bubble green bubble wrap" from Lowes. I pack in a box, with an extra layer of cardboard squares on all sides and top and bottom and fill in any extra space with wrap or newspaper. So far, so good, but did you see that video on the news with the fed ex worker flipping and kicking that $2,000 piece of equipment end over end?