Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Next Step

We're in that time of year where our warm weather, and cold weather clothes are out at the same time, laundry is piling up, every time I walk into my kitchen I trip over soccer gear, a 25 pound bag of flour and six bottles of corn syrup (a challenge to myself to make our gingerbread houses this year). Suddenly eBay crap is everywhere. I'm feeling overwhelmed by stuff. This after your many kind comments on how organized everything is.

I never dreamed of success. I worked for it. 
Estee Lauder

I've been considering what my next step with eBay will be for awhile. As you saw last week, my storage is pretty much full. I'm at an impasse with eBay. I can stay where I am hovering at 400ish listings, and only source 20 things a week to replace those I sell, or I can take the next step. I'm choosing the next step. I gotta get this inventory outta my house.

I need a space. My space, where I can go and eBay the hell out of all this crap.

So here I am, a lady with a plan. A plan to meet some big goals. A plan involving a lot of hard work, a space, and eBay.


  1. What an exciting time! Don't leave us hanging!

  2. lol...been there done that ,had the track among the ebay clutter. But now i ebay on a smaller scale its not so hard